Kaden (Tosha’s Review)

Title: Kaden (Boyfriend for Hire #2)
Author: RJ Scott And Meredith Russell
Publisher: Love Lane Books
Release Date: August 10, 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Word Count: ~43,000
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


When the lines between pretense and reality blur, can the actor and the boyfriend-for-hire discover something real?

Ryan Levesque is Hollywood’s newest blue eyed boy. Moving from soap operas to the big screen has paid off for the kid from Minnesota, and he’s hot property. But, when a video from the lowest point of his past is shared on social media everything begins to unravel and old hurts resurface. His agent suggests a way out of the mess, and he jumps at the chance to make things right by pretending he’s in a committed, loving relationship with the tall, dark, sexy boyfriend for hire, Kaden. Only, he never counted on the impact Kaden would have on his life, or his career.

When Kaden Moore’s next assignment lands in his lap, he’s expecting nothing more than a self-centered celebrity who’s messed up. Kaden’s new role is that of Hollywood A-lister Ryan Levesque’s boyfriend, a PR stunt concocted by his agents to restore the actor’s dented popularity. Kaden is aware of the video that surfaced from Ryan’s past, and though it raises questions about what kind of man Ryan is, it’s not any of Kaden’s business. Kaden has been pretending his entire life, and knows he can show the troublesome actor a thing or two about the world beyond the Hollywood bubble. But maybe Kaden isn’t as clued up as he thinks, especially when it comes to the heart and love.

This book was okay. I enjoyed the read and I love the whole concept of a fake boyfriend turning into a real boyfriend. And though I enjoyed this book, I felt like there was something missing. It has all the drama and the anguish. It even has the sweet to hot scenes as well but one of the main storylines in this book just felt like it was sorta lacking where the villainous ex Paul was concerned. Other than that I found this to be a very good read.

Ryan is an actor who has a problem. A few years back he got extremely drunk and went on a rant about his then boyfriend. Until now he was not aware that the rant was recorded but now that the newest movie he is in is about to release, someone has decided to release their own homemade video of that rant. Now Ryan is catching all kinds of grief.

To help dissuade some of that negative image of him, his sister and those that he works for have decided that he needs a supportive boyfriend to help remove some of his now negative image. That is where the boyfriend for hire comes in. Kaden is the fake boyfriend that is supposed to help make Ryan’s image better.

At first Ryan is not happy about the arrangement. He does not let anyone get close to him and he does not want to have to answer any questions where the video is concerned. But in order for Kaden to work with him, Kaden wants to know what happened and what caused the drunken rant to begin with. Ryan reluctantly tells Kaden what happened and after hearing the story Kaden agrees to help.

The more time Ryan and Kaden spend together, the more Ryan finds himself opening up to Kaden. Just when Ryan starts to feel comfortable with the whole situation, his ex shows back up into the picture and Ryan learns that someone he once considered a friend has found himself in the same situation that Ryan was in. Ryan decides he has to do whatever he has to help.

Since Kaden and Ryan are getting closer, Kaden finds that even though he never lets anyone close to him, Ryan and his bleeding heart has wormed his way into Kaden’s heart. So when Ryan decides he needs to help his friend, Kaden agrees to help as well.

Will this fake boyfriend turn into a real boyfriend after all? How will Kaden handle what happened to Ryan in the past?

This was a good book but I would have really liked for Ryan to not be so down on himself and back and forth like he was where his ex was concerned. I would have also liked for there to have been more in depth writing about Paul because even though he was a major aspect of this book, I felt the whole situation was briefly touched on. Other then that I enjoyed this read.

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