Boy Shattered (Tosha’s Review)

Title: Boy Shattered
Author: Eli Easton
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Edition: Second
Release Date: August 13, 2019
Genre(s): Gay Young Love, Mystery, Suspense
Page Count: 352 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 2.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


“You’ll make it out of here, Brian. I swear.”

I had everything. I was school quarterback, popular with girls, and I made my dad proud. I told myself it didn’t matter that no one knew the real me. Then I nearly died.

It was out-and-proud Landon who saved my life. Now I’m a mess—can’t even stand to be in a room with the curtains open. The one good thing about losing it all? You get a chance to start over. Only, how can I move on when the school shooters were never caught?

“Will you kiss me?”

When I came across Brian Marshall dying on the cafeteria floor, I did what anyone would do: I helped him. His request surprised me, but I figured he needed comfort, so I kissed him on the forehead. When he came back to school weeks later, he was broken in body and mind. Somehow we became unlikely besties.

What I saw that day woke me up. I want to demand action on gun control, lead protests, raise my fist. And if I can get the man of my dreams and save the world? I’ll take it.

Only, the horror at Jefferson Waller High isn’t over.

Second Edition. First Edition published by Pinkerton Road, October, 2018.

Boy Shattered is such a correct title for this book but I will forewarn you, plan for it to completely shatter you as well as you read it. This book is not an easy read. The reason I say this is because this is a book about an all too serious topic, “a school shooting”. This book is very graphic and it will definitely make you feel like you are right there through it all. With shootings and school shootings being all too real this day and age, Eli Easton wrote a book about what it must feel like to live through that and the aftermath that people who have been through it feel. As a reader I definitely felt not only the fear and the heartache but the helplessness and the survivors guilt that will the main character felt. Along with the anger. Eli definitely wrote a book that had to be extremely hard to write. With this being such a huge topic and unfortunately such a regular occurrence now, it could not have been easy to write but I love that Eli had the main characters fight to regain that feeling of control and a new normal for themselves.

Brian is just like any other high school student. He has his best friend. His favorite classes. He is the quarterback of the football team. He even has his own private crush he has never told anyone about because that would mean he had to come out, which was not an option. His best friend, Jake is also on the football team. They have their regular table they set at each day with the same two other guys from the team that joined them. Everything about their lives was a normal high school experience.

The one thing that Brian always wished he could explore but knew it was not possible was his crush he has on a senior named Landon. Landon is just a normal guy but one of the big difference with Landon is he is out and proud. He is the guy that speaks his mind and stands up for those around him. He is also the nice guy that always says”hi” to people when walking down the hall. And he is the one person that Brian wishes he could be more like, brave.

No high schooler goes to school and thinks that something unimaginable would happen. But that is exactly what happens on what is just a normal day in September. Just like other schools, The Wall, had their own protocol for an active shooter situation. But it was never something anyone ever expected to have to live through. Unfortunately this is what happens on that September day at the Wall and so many lives will forever be changed because of it. Brian and Landon are just two of those peoples lives that will forever be changed.

This book is such an emotional read. It is an all to real thing that happens way to often. This book felt like what it would feel like, in my opinion, in the eyes of those who have been through it. It is a heartbreaking read but it is also one of those books that you just cannot put down. Hats off to Eli for having the courage to write this book because I can guarantee that it was not an easy book to write. You can feel that in all the emotions in this book. I would most definitely recommend this book to others but be prepared for graphic images. It is not a pretty thought, but then again it is an all too real occurrence that unfortunately many have been through.

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Galley copy of Boy Shattered provided by Harmony Ink Press in exchange of an honest review.


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