These Are The Dreams… (Tosha’s Review)

Title: These Are The Dreams…
Author: MD Brady
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: February 10th 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary, Drama
Page Count: 392 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


The secret desires of five young men intertwine their dreams in surprising and life changing ways.

Two college students are about to have their dreams turned into a reality they could not have dared imagine, as their lusts transform lives and destroy relationships.

A teacher living his happy ever after finds his life in a precarious position as a dangerous attraction opens old wounds, causing him to question if his secret dream is a fantasy or is finally achievable.

A scene addict living his dream of a new man every night meets a newcomer who captures his attention like nobody has before. As this stranger’s secret comes to light while they fall for one another, both find their dreams changing as they struggle to understand what it is they truly want.

Oh my gosh, it has always been told to me that a series of events could change the path of your life depending on the path you choose and this book right here proved just how true that could be. One decision can change the course of not only your life but others as well. It is all about choices and sometimes those will be good ones and other times they may be bad ones but one thing is for sure, no matter what choice you make, you will have to deal with the outcome whether it is good or bad. MD Brady truly wrote a book that is not only an incredible read but shows what can happen to those for the choices that are made. I was completely blown away by this book. I swear that I have never read a book like this one before.

This book is about several main characters. So let’s start with the one that I feel is one of the most important characters….Marcus. Marcus seems to have everything in life. His passion comes easily to him where media is concerned. He can effortlessly put together a film and it will be a good one at that. He has a lot of friends. He is popular in college and good at sports. He has what most would say is everything. But there is one thing that Marcus does not have that he wishes he did… Kristan. But there is also the fact that no one knows that Marcus is gay as well. So maybe he does not have he perfect life everyone believes him to have after all.

The next character that makes a huge impact on everyone’s lives involved is a guy named Sean. Sean is a classmate of Marcus’, though the two have never really talked. That does not sway Sean on his attraction to Marcus though. Marcus has everything that Sean wants. He would give anything to have the love and admiration that Marcus gets from everyone. But not only that but Sean would love to have Marcus himself as well. Sean is gay as well but he does not try to hide it like Marcus does. Everyone just automatically assumes Sean is gay. Sean is more of a loner and does not really have any friends.

Marcus never really took the time to view Sean in any way but after a practice as Marcus is coming out of the shower he sees Sean is looking at him in the way he himself has looked discreetly at other guys. When Sean realizes that Marcus caught him looking he runs. Marcus is so shocked by what he saw in Sean that he decided to follow him and talk to him. This is where the first choice comes into play. This encounter between Sean and Marcus sets off a series of events that will forever change them and those around them. What started out as an innocent encounter turns into these two ending back up at Sean’s house and regrets that follow that encounter, or at least regrets where Marcus is concerned. Sean on the other hand seems to think that they could have something more.

After quickly running, Marcus does not see or talk to Sean again till the following week when they are both back in their Media class. Sean is determined to make more out of what happened whereas Marcus wants to forget. The person he really wants is Kristan and he is about to see him as well in class.

Kristan and Sam have been together for years now. They have a life together, a home. Sam owns a gay bar and Kristan is the media teacher at the local college. They seem to have it all but Kristan also has a secret. Kristan has been attracted to someone that he should not be attracted to for a long while now. One person that is off limits…a student named Marcus. Though Kristan has fought to keep this attraction secret from everyone, including Marcus and of course his boyfriend Sam, it has not always been easy.

The college is hosting a big event in the coming future. And Kristan has had to choose a student to create a media project for this event. It was an easy choice for Kristan since Marcus is so talented but the fact that he is attracted to him as well helps make he choice much easier. With the event approaching Kristan speaks to Marcus after class one day to let him know that if he needs the extra help or extra time in the media center then Kristan can accommodate that. One thing in the conversation innocently leads to another and Sam is mentioned and so is his club.

Marcus makes the decision over the following weekend to go to said club just to check out what Sam looks like and maybe even talk a little more with Kristan. Marcus never expected to actually attract a guy at the club. But that is what happens. Haydn is no stranger to one night stands and he has standards as to who he will take home for the night with him. When he first sees Marcus he decides if no one better comes along, Marcus will be the one to go home with him for the night. Little does Haydn know a man is about to walk into the bar that is going to throw Haydn into a tale spin. Especially when the man, Noah, walks away.

Kristan is indeed at the club with Sam. And when he sees his best friend with his crush, Kristan about flips but he can’t say anything because Marcus does not know that he is attracted to him and Kristan cannot let Sam know that he is second-guessing their relationship. So Kristan has to watch his best friend walk away for the night with the man Kristan really wanted to be with. But Kristan is not the only one to see Haydn and Marcus leave together. Sean is at the club as well and not only did Marcus reject him but he sees there is something between Kristan and Marcus. He also sees Marcus leave with another man. This is where another choice comes into play for not one person but most that are involved. The question is, how will these choices affect everyone’s life?

This book is an amazing read with many, many, many more twists and turns. I truly felt the one person that had no choice in the matter of how things turn out is Sam. Sam is just an innocent bystander that is affected by everyone around him. This book left me breathless. I really liked Marcus and Kristan. And at times I was hoping these two would end up together. I honestly do not know what the future would have held for these two. And I hope at some point that we will get another book to let everyone know how their lives end up in the future. I loved Noah and Haydn. This completely shocked me because at first I did not care for Haydn in the least. And I honestly just felt sorry for Sean. In order to find out how everything plays out you will have to read the book. But be ready for some major surprises when you do read it and an ending that will leave you reeling. Amazing read!!

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of These Are The Dreams provided by MD Brady in exchange of an honest review.

This book is one of those books that will stay with me for a while. MD Brady did an excellent job on this book. I really hope that for Marcus and Kristan's sake, they will have a follow up story whether it is a long or short read because I would love to see how their lives turn out!!!


  • Thanks so much for your lovely words. I’m really glad you enjoyed my book and getting to know Marcus, Sean, Kristan, Haydn, Noah and Sam. Revisiting them is definitely something I plan to do. I’ve actually got a novella out telling these events from Sam’s perspective and showing more about how they impacted him. It’s called ‘The Dreamer They Forgot’, I hope you check it out.
    Thanks again,
    M. D. Brady

    • Well I for one cannot wait for the follow up that you plan. This book really caught me by surprise and I truly enjoyed it. ESPECIALLY all the twist and turns. I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the follow up. If it is even half as good as this one, then I know it will be incredible. As for the novella, I will definitely be requesting it as well


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