I Would Do Anything For You

Title: I Would Do Anything For You(Cute Gay Romance Book 6)
Author: Clyde Andrews
Publisher: Eridani Books
Release Date: August 25th, 2019
Genre(s): Humorous Fiction
Page Count: 157
Reviewed by: Kirstin
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Reece and Lachlan have known each other all their lives, spending every waking moment together if they can. In fact, they both have feelings for one another that goes well beyond friendship—they are soulmates.

At a party one night, Lachlan kisses Reece.

Reece gets scared by his overwhelming feelings for Lachlan and can’t reciprocate. He immediately regrets his decision, especially when Lachlan decides he must move on if Reece doesn’t want him in that way, pursuing the attention of Christian—the hot and fit captain of the Preston Dolphins swim team.

Reece wishes he could turn back time so he can correct his mistake. When Lachlan accepts a party invitation from Christian, Reece truly believes his chances with the only boy he’s ever loved are lost.

Can Reece get Lachlan back? Or will his happily ever after fade away like the memory of that one kiss that changed his world?

All Cute Gay Romance stories, even though set in the same ‘universe’ and have recurring characters appear, can all be read as a stand alone.

Words just aren’t enough to describe an emotion sometimes. So many feelings ripped through me while reading this and I just wanted to reach into my screen and hug Lachlan and Reece so tightly and never let go.

Best friends forever, Lachlan attempts to take their friendship farther, only to be rebuffed by Reece who’s afraid to lose him. When Lachlan decides to move on and sets his sights on a member of his swim team, Reece has to decide once and for all if he’s ready to put himself out there or risk losing the boy he’s in love with.

Trauma envelops Lachlan, and Reece is the only one he can trust to get him through it and show him what support, understanding, respect and love are really about.

Clyde Andrews has a way of telling a tale that packs a multitude of emotions and feelings that leave you laughing, crying and pondering the characters long after you’ve finished reading. They stay with you like memories of old friends.

Lachlan and Reece are no exception. I was profoundly touched by their story and I’m sure I’ll think of them often, as well as their message of love. It’s definitely one that’s going on my favorites list.

Cute Gay Romance series

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