The Twelfth Knight (Maya’s Review)

Title: The Twelfth Knight (Guardians of Camelot #1)
Author: Victoria Sue
Publisher: self published
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Genre(s): Fantasy
Page Count: 251
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


To battle an ancient evil the only weapon each hero will have is each other.

Hundreds of years ago, facing defeat, Morgana sent monsters into the future to vanquish a humanity King Arthur wouldn’t be able to save. The King might have won the battle, but now, centuries later, a few chosen men will have to fight the war.

Merlin always hated being named after some mythological wizard. His dad had been obsessed with the magic man of King Arthur’s Court before his untimely death – a loss that had sent Merlin reeling in a downward spiral. Now 23, and going simply by ‘Mel’ (thank-you-very-much), Merlin is ill-prepared (to say the least) for the outrageous claims of a proper English knight bent on overcoming evil.

Born a commoner, Lancelot was never supposed to be a knight in his own time, never mind now, in a modern world he is so woefully untrained to protect. Thrown into a battle centuries in the making, this flawed hero, and a young man too-used to battling monsters of the present day, will have to come together to save humanity.

I only figured out this has something to do with Arthurian myths before making grabby hands at the book. It met my expectations.

It’s based on Arthurian myths and that was initial draw. However, there are enough twists to familiar story to make it stand on its own and interesting read by itself. It’s fresh and intriguing take. It’s also first book in what I hope is series, so there is significant chunk given up to world building.

I have to admit, I was curious how the pairing was going to work. It’s sweet, sigh-worthy romance and both Mel and Lance are explored in depth as characters. It was tightly woven with origin story from the myths and those bits and pieces make the story work, as it gives compelling reason for both men to hesitate in approaching each other. Mel, wary of Lance’s romantic history, Lance, lost in his memories and drowning in responsibilities.

It’s a slow burn, very sweet. For all that there was no lack of action and danger, this was predominantly romance story. It got angsty at times, but it does have happy end and remains true at all points. It was really convincing as I think the way it was spun would work even without fantasy world it’s based in. I liked the way their romance was set up, the differences in their experiences which shaped them: Lance having lived since fall of Camelot, and Mel reborn and both of them now ready to grab second chance at love.

The secondary characters which I hope will get their own books, are also given enough space to develop. (I also rather selfishly hope there will be more knights than ones mentioned in the book). Looking forward to more!

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of The Twelfth Knight provided by Victoria Sue in exchange of an honest review.

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