Rocket Science (Tosha’s Review)

Title: Rocket Science
Author: KM Neuhold
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: September 27, 2019
Genre(s): Best friends brother
Page Count: 200 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Relationships aren’t rocket science. If they were, I might stand a chance of figuring one out.

Saying I’ve had a crush on my best friend’s older brother, Pax, most of my life is like saying the big bang was just an explosion. It’s true, but I’m not sure that quite captures the essence of its true enormity.

I know he’s only hanging out with me because I’m new in town and getting my PhD doesn’t leave me with much time to make friends. And even if it did, my strength is mathematics, not friend-making. What I don’t understand is why he kissed me… why he seems to want to keep kissing me. I don’t think my advanced physics knowledge is going to help me figure this one out. But I think for once I’m okay with not knowing, as long as Pax and I don’t know together.

He’s still the awkward nerdlet I remember…he’s also probably the cutest, most tempting man I’ve laid eyes on. I know I should keep my hands off him, but this thing between us is like a force of nature. I want to be his first everything. He says we’re nothing more than atoms crashing into each other. I’m no scientist but I don’t think either of us are braced for the explosion.

**** Rocket Science is a stand alone MM romance featuring an inexperienced nerd, a cocky player, and a satisfying HEA

I just loved this book. It is one of those books where you are drawn to the main characters and you are so hoping they figure their crap out and end up together. Opposite attract, that is what this book is. Not to mention it is the book where one of the main characters is in love with his best friends brother. So yes I was hoping these two men would end up together in the end!! This is one of those books that is such an incredible read that you just do not want it to end. I really hope that some of the supporting characters will get their own stories because there are more then a few that I would love to have their story as well!!

Elijah is one of those social inept people. When he is in a social setting he clams up and does not know how to act or how to handle the situation. So he has his very close circle of friends, or I should say friend that he trusts, Theo. After never really being apart from Theo, Elijah now finds himself in Pasadena at Cal Tech without Theo. Elijah just figures he will study nonstop and get through school without having to face too many social situations.

Theo has other ideas for Elijah though because he calls his brother that lives in Pasadena as well and asks him to get Elijah out of the house some. Theo wants to know that Elijah is taking care of himself and not becoming a hermit. So when Pax agrees, Theo is glad.

When Pax does call Elijah, it is out of a promise to his brother but he never expected to enjoy hanging out with the shy nerdlet!! But that is exactly what happens and both Pax and Elijah find themselves thinking about the night they hung out together. Pax decides they need to hang out again.

What starts out as innocent fun between Pax and Elijah soon turns to sexual attraction. Though Pax knows this is normal feelings he is feeling for Elijah, he will not admit to himself it is anything other then hooking up because then he would have to admit his growing feelings for Elijah. That would not be a good thing since Pax believes he can never be faithful to any guy.

So what happens between Pax and Elijah when both men end up facing their very real feelings for the other? Will Pax give things a chance between them or will he run? How will Theo take the news of his best friend and brother being together?

This was such an incredible read with little twists and turns. There are some ups and downs but through it all, I was cheering these two men on. They are the complete opposites of one another but they are so perfect for the other. I really enjoyed this book and I hope the other characters will get books as well!!

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Rocket Science provided by KM Neuhold in exchange of an honest review.


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