Unscripted (Tosha’s review)

Title: Unscripted
Author: JR Gray
Publisher: Graybooms
Release Date: November 6, 2019
Genre(s): Straight to gay
Page Count: Unknown
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Movie star 101: A smile hides all pain.

Quellcrist King has been playing a part his entire life. The more famous he becomes, the more he hides. The only person he ever let see the real him rose with him from nothing to the very top.

They were the king and queen of Hollywood— and then she wanted a divorce. The only way to survive his depression is to bury himself in work. If he can be a character, maybe he won’t have to remember himself. A gay role can’t be any different than playing a straight one, can it?

But instead of finding solace in the character, he finds it in his costar. Hale becomes his best friend, his lifeline, the light in his darkness. Quell is forced to examine everything he thought he knew about himself while filming intimate scenes with Hale that feel more real than anything ever has before.

He’s lived his entire life following the script. What would life be like unscripted?

This was a truly amazing read. It has topics that are a major issue in life for some like Depression and mental illnesses such as depression. But it so much more then that. It is a book about ones life seemingly falling apart only to figure out what truly living means. Sometimes it takes stepping out of our comfort zone to find what truly makes us happy and to learn things about ourselves that we may have never explored. This book has drama upon drama in it but I will say that it may be drama filled but it was a completely amazing read!! I honestly would not sat no to a second book with these two in it. It was that great!!!

Quell is about to embark on a new acting project. One that he is extremely excited about. Especially after getting his friend Mel as the director and Ella as well. Now that he was able to get two seasons of this new series sold even without a pilot screening, Quell is really excited. This is a great distraction for him as well since his life seems to be coming apart before his eyes.

Quell’s marriage is about to come to an end from his wife Rachel. But not without Rachel having Quell jump through hoops to help her acting career. It is not easy for Quell because he does not want their marriage to be over so he agrees to continue to act as a couple even though they are not. Doing so does not help with his depression and anxiety either. It makes it worse but having his project to work on is helping. Especially after they was able to cast an up and comer named Hale to play along side Quell.

The series they are putting together is a bit taboo to normal series because it is about two gay leading actors with very visual sex scenes. Being a straight man, Hale is wondering if Quell will be able to play a gay man. To make it worse, with Hale being gay himself, he is finding that the more time he spends with Quell the more he is actually attracted to the man himself. It is not easy for Hale either because he is not the type to crush on a straight man much less a straight married man.

Quell has some secrets of his own that he is keeping. Like the fact that he and Rachel have not been together for some time now but more so the fact that he is finding that his feelings for Hale is not just on the friends level like it should be but he is incredibly not bothered by that fact. What does bother Quell is he does not want to ruin the friendship and working relationship these two men now have. Not to mention he will always have to deal with his depression and Quell thinks no one will ever want to deal with that.

How will things play out between these two men when their personal secrets surface? Will they decide to try for more then friends or will they continue the way they are? If they do decide for more, how will it play out with the soon to be ex wife? And more over how will someone who has always related as straight explain how he is not afterall if the news makes it to the rags?

This book was such a great read!!! I loved every minute of it!! I wish this was a series because I would love to have more in the future of these two men!!! They both definitely captured my heart!! Great read!!!

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