Weekly Comments Giveaway

Hello Gay Book Review readers! In an effort to facilitate more discussion about books reviewed here, we will be giving away the eBook of your choice every Sunday. (Winners chosen via Random.org) Comments from the week will be used to choose the winner. You can now login to comment from your Facebook, WordPress, G+ and Twitter account. Or create your own login if you’d like. There is an option to follow the discussion too.

One thing several have asked about if how to get a custom avatar that is linked to your name and email address. To get your own custom avatar, visit Gravatar and create an account using the email address you will use to comment here or at any other website you enjoy commenting on. It’s quick and easy and I have used them for many years and never received even one piece of SPAM from them.

Thanks for reading and we all look forward to chatting books with you all!

OK, so adding to this list has become a feat I am incapable of. Below is a list of the winners and their books over the last two years. Future winners will be notified but their book choice won’t be archived anymore.

We still have a new winner every month. I just forget to add them!


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