Guest Grinders: August 2016

Guest Grinders

MM Daily Grind Chat with N.R. Walker, Cardeno C., Ella Frank & Riley Hart

Ella Frank​ ­ ​5:53 PM

Good morning Gigi!! Thank you for having us here today! In the hot seat today you have N.R. Walker, Cardeno C., Riley Hart and me, Ella Frank! How are you tonight ladies?

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​5:53 PM

I’m awesome Ella, how are you??

And by awesome, I mean busy, tired, but wel

Ella Frank​ ­ ​5:54 PM

I’m great! The weather is beautiful up here in Oregon. And I treated myself to a massage yesterday — so I’m feeling good! How’s the weather in Oz?

And busy is good right? That means we’re getting more of your awesome stories!

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​5:54 PM

It’s freezing cold here!

LOL and yes, I’m working on that…

Ella Frank​ ­ ​5:55 PM

Ha! My parents told me that just the other day Well, I’m sure I’m not alone when we al thank you for being busy.

Cardeno C​ ­ ​5:55 PM

Meanwhile, I can get heat stroke stepping out the door.

Riley Hart ​It’s miserably hot here. I want to move somewhere cooler! But yes, I’m doing well. Just crazy busy!

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​5:55 PM

I probably should clarify that “freezing cold” is a term Aussies use to describe what everyone else probably cal s a pleasant day LOL

Cardeno C​ ­ ​5:56 PM

I haven’t been lucky enough to visit Oregon yet but it’s on my bucket list.

Riley Hart: ​I love Oregon. I lived there for years.

N.R. Walker ​­ ​5:56 PM

I would love to visit Oregon!

Ella Frank​ ­ ​5:57 PM

I can say it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. And when you get here let me know and we will catch up!

Ella Frank​ ­ ​5:55 PM

Ahhh! You are in a hot part of the US? Oh wait…that’s al over, wel except Oregon Be jealous

That’s very true!

So ladies, now that the cat is out of the bag about our upcoming col aboration, let’s discuss it a little. How are you feeling about the upcoming MM Anthology?

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​5:57 PM

I’m so excited!!! And the release wil be perfect timing for me with GRL. I can’t wait to show off the amazing cover

Riley Hart: ​The cover is to freaking die for!! And I’m so excited about our anthology and so honored to participate. It’s for such a good cause!

Ella Frank​ ­ ​5:58 PM

Ahh! I know, right? I can’t wait to share this gorgeous cover that was created by the wonderful Hang Le! Is this your first anthology experience NR? Cardeno?

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​5:59 PM

Yes, this is my first ever anthology!! So it’s real y exciting for me. And I’ve loved the experience!

Cardeno C​ ­ ​5:59 PM

It’s my first one like this! Love being part of this with y’al .

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:00 PM

Working with six other creative minds, and women, can sometimes be chal enging. Don’t you find it extraordinary that we have al come together in such a wonderful supportive way.

When something like this COULD have turned out to be stressful?

What do you think the secret is?

P.S. I love that we are al relatively new to this. LOL! Virgins everywhere!!!

Cardeno C​ ­ ​6:01 PM

My secret is keeping so many irons in the fire that al my stress is focused on keeping the house from burning down instead of any one thing.

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:01 PM

It’s been fab!! Though, I have to admit, I worry that my story wil pale in comparison to other super talented authors. I dread that new­to­me readers might think “uh yeah okay no.”


LOL Cardeno… I know that feeling wel

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:02 PM

Oh no way NR!!! You are so talented, I can’t wait to read EVERYONE’S story!! People wil gobble up your words woman!

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:01 PM

That’s a great plan Cardeno! And keeps you busy busy!

Riley Hart: ​I think it helps that we al just want it to be the best it can be, which is what made the process easier. But I’m with NR…I’m a little nervous being in a book with such great talent.

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:02 PM

Thanks Ella! hugs you So, tel us a little bit about your story…

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:03 PM

Hmm, my story is about best friends, which is new for me, and that moment of ­ oh …there you are. How did I never see you before. And how they get there…wel , you’l just have to read it and see!

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:03 PM

Eeeeek!! I can’t wait to read it! I do love friends to lovers stories Cardeno C​ ­ ​6:03 PM

Ella, you’ve just described my favorite trope and probably the one I’ve written more than any other. Except not this time.

Cardeno C​ ­ ​6:02 PM

I’ll tell you the thing I’m most excited about for this anthology is the organization we are supporting. I am beyond thril ed to be doing this to support LGBTQ youth through ​one­n­ten​.

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:03 PM

The organization the proceeds are going to do some AMAZING work!! Such a worthy cause.

Riley Hart: ​I am in awe of one­n­ten. They do incredible work.

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:04 PM

I am SUPER excited to be raising awareness and money for such a wonderful organization.

It is such an honor to help those who truly need it and I think the reading community wil really help get behind us with this one and ral y to give back to the LGBTQ Community!

And what about you NR, Riley and Cardeno ­ what are your stories about?

Can you tell us a little something?

Cardeno C​ ­ ​6:05 PM

My story is about two men from opposite sides of the track. One thinks they’re enemies. The other knows better.

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:05 PM

Yay Cardeno, that sounds FAB!

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:06 PM

Ahhhh! I love it already ­ enemies to lovers! Whoop! Bring it N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:06 PM

Riley, please tell us about your story!

Riley Hart: ​My story is about two best friends who have apartments next door to each other. They get together every Sunday night for movie night. It’s been their traditions for years…and then things start to change 🙂

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:06 PM

Sounds fabulous, Riley!! I’m so excited to read it!!

Mine is about two guys, Cal and Troy, who have been best mates since high school and everyone else can see they’re supposed to be together but them.

Ah, Cardeno! Enemies to lovers is the BEST

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:06 PM

I can’t wait! I love whenever everyone sees it but them Right?

I love that tension!! Ahhhh!

Okay, so I have to ask the Aussie a question (and I don’t mean me) N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:07 PM


Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:08 PM

NR ­ do you find that you write in your Aussie voice easily? I mean, that might sound stupid, but the reason I ask is that when I started to write I’d always read American authors and it just came out that way (minus my weird little quirks like revision mirror or car parks) And Cardeno ­ I saw you have a new Audible out! How many is that now lady? And don’t you just love having your books brought to life that way?!

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:10 PM

Yes, absolutely. I have written more US characters than Aussie ones, but the Australian guys are so much easier to write. Although I sometimes find myself having to “make” them more Aussie, with things like car parks and footpaths, instead of parking lots and sidewalks.

I’ve been writing with an American voice for so long now, it seems I can’t win… LOL

Cardeno C​ ­ ​6:10 PM

I have 23 books in ​audio​ now, one almost ready to go, and I’m auditioning for my new

release ​Not a Game​.

Riley Hart: ​23?1 Wow! That’s awesome. I love having my books in audio. Soon all of my titles should be out in audio.

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:11 PM

I’ve only got one book in audio!! cries Though I’m hoping to have more this year/early next year…

Cardeno C​ ­ ​6:11 PM

I do love hearing the books come to life but the process getting there can be tiring. I wouldn’t be able to do it without help from a couple of wonderful audio readers. (I’m looking at you, Jason. You too, B.)

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:12 PM

Yes! See this is what I run into now. Although when I’m put on the spot and asked to give an Aussie terms I can never think of one and feel like a traitor. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Funny how that happens, huh?

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:13 PM

So true! I think we read so many American books, and even movies etc, that it becomes habit

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:13 PM

23!!! WOW! That’s a lot of books

I LOVE hearing the books come to life. It gives such an amazing and different vibe. I am loving working with Charlie right now. It’s such a fantastic process.

Agreed NR! I think it’s second nature for sure

Cardeno C​ ­ ​6:14 PM

Charlie David is a wonderful narrator. Love his work!

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:14 PM

He really is, and such a pleasure to work with.

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:14 PM

And finding Australian narrators is HARD!! I was so lucky with the narrator of RDH, he did a fab job!

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:14 PM

NR ­ I know it’s difficult for you to get your work on Audio being in OZ, but can you PLEASE

do Thomas Elkin….



I am on my knees here

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:15 PM


Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:15 PM

I will even hunt someone down for you

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:15 PM

Ah, Thomas Elkin is contracted to a publisher that won’t do audio Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:15 PM


N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:15 PM

So, unfortunately, my hands are tied with that Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:15 PM

well, I can just read it out loud


N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:15 PM


Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:15 PM

for anyone who asks

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:25 PM

Okay ladies, anything you want to add?

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:26 PM

I am really excited to see just what this anthology can do. It’s an amazing cause, and the proceeds will help with some pretty amazing kids…

Cardeno C​ ­ ​6:28 PM

Yes it will for sure. Confession: I’m partial y distracted right now because I’m watching the Democratic National Convention. I wrote a book not so long ago with a Republican congressman and the son of the U.S. Democratic president. It was sort of a long shot then.

Now, it’s high fantasy.

Riley Hart ​Wow. That sounds great, Cardeno!

Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:29 PM

Did you?!?!?!

That’s scandalous

N.R. Walker​ ­ ​6:29 PM

Sounds FAB!! Love a little political intrigue and forbidden romance ;) Ella Frank​ ­ ​6:29 PM

I want to read


Cardeno C​ ­ ​6:29 PM

It’s called ​Strange Bedfellows​. Warm fuzzies and hot sheets so pretty much like al of mine.


We want to thank Gigi for having us here monthly! We love stopping by to hang out with you all and if you would like to help us spread the word about the wonderful charity we are supporting One. n. Ten ­ please share this post below!


It Was Always You

This October Ella Frank, Cardeno C, Riley Hart, Christina Lee, Felice Stevens, Lane Hayes & N.R. Walker, to bring SEVEN brand new short stories to our readers for charity.

That’s right, you read that correctly: SEVEN BRAND NEW STORIES!

We would like to invite you to help us promote this anthology to your followers by helping us share the cover on August 4th, and then spread the word—and love—when the book goes LIVE

on October 4th.

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We can’t wait to share our stories with you all, and hope you will help us in our goal to raise awareness and money for such a wonderful cause.

Many Thanks,

Ella, Cardeno, Riley, Christina, Felice, Lane & N.R!


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