Guest Grinders: July 2016

Guest Grinders

Hello! We were so excited when the folks at Gay Book Reviews asked us about guest blogging. We figured it was a good idea to talk about our group, The M/M Daily Grind, and our books, but we also wanted to try something a little different. We decided to just let you guys in on a little conversation between us where we’ll ramble about all sorts of things including the group, books, wine, coffee ­­you know, the good things in life ? We hope you enjoy it.

Riley Hart:

Hi. We’d like to thank Gay Book Reviews for having us. For those who don’t know, the seven of us write gay romance and we have a Facebook group called the M/M Daily Grind.

N.R. Walker Gigi contacted us wanting to know if we’d like to have a M/M Daily Grind monthly post, and of course we said yes!

Cardeno C – 1:42 PM
It feels like we were all chatting for our Gay Book Reviews blog yesterday but in fact, it has been a month! Hopefully people are ready to have us back so … Hi, everyone! Today we have Cardeno C., Christina Lee, Lane Hayes, and Felice Stevens. The rest of the Grinders are on vaca! As for the rest of us, we’ll be chatting about our 4th of July plans. Or at least that’s the goal…

Lane Hayes – 1:43 PM
Hi everyone! Our plans for the 4th are mellow. There’s a big parade on the street nearby that we used to go with the kids when they were little. Everyone dressed in red, white and blue and decorated their bikes. Now my kids are grown up so we avoid the craziness!

Felice Stevens – 1:44 PM
Hi everyone. I’ll be driving home from a weekend in the country so this weekend is my 4th. BBQ pool time and shopping.

Christina Lee – 1:44 PM
We always go to a friend’s house where we can drink wine and see the fireworks from their yard. The kids can play, the adults can talk, and drink, and eat (of course)–a WIN WIN for everybody!

Lane Hayes – 1:45 PM
We’ll go to our friend’s house for a BBQ and do fireworks. There are a TON of fireworks in our neighborhood and you can see the ones at the beach too. Pretty festive!
Yes! Lots of wine this weekend!

Felice Stevens – 1:46 PM
Lots of ice cream and wine. Lol

Christina Lee – 1:46 PM
Sounds so nice, Lane! And shopping sounds good too, Felice! I’m not a big pool or beach person. Lame I know. But I can walk and talk!

Cardeno C – 1:46 PM
I’m doing the traditional parade thing – hunt for parking spot, find one too far away, keep hunting, figure out that one was the closet, go there, it’s taken, find one that isn’t really a parking spot but by this point I’m willing to risk a ticket, park, walk forever, find a spot behind a bunch of people, stand, try to catch candy from the people in the parade, decide not to eat the candy, walk back to car in either the blazing hot sun or pouring rain. And despite all that, I love the 4th of July parade!!

Christina Lee – 1:46 PM
Hahahaha, CC! Sounds familiar! I love the parade too!

Lane Hayes – 1:47 PM
I’m a good walker and talker too. I get bored hanging around the pool and beach unless I have a great book!

Cardeno C – 1:47 PM
Oh, books are my other plan for this weekend. Two books in particular.

Lane Hayes – 1:47 PM
Oh? Whatcha reading, CC?

Cardeno C – 1:48 PM
I’m finalizing the cover for my new contemporary novel called Not a Game (release date: July 15th) AND …
I’m working on my novella for an anthology with some of my favorite authors!

Lane Hayes – 1:48 PM
Yay!! I’m excited for a new Cardeno book!

Christina Lee – 1:48 PM
I’ve been in a such a reading mood lately. Well, always, but there are certain weekends where I wish I could just lie in bed all day!

Felice Stevens – 1:48 PM
Me too!!

Cardeno C – 1:48 PM
My reading list has books by those same favorite authors actually.

Christina Lee – 1:48 PM
wink Ooh Cardeno, I want to know about your new book!! TELL!

Felice Stevens – 1:49 PM
I’m always in a mood for a new CC book.

Cardeno C – 1:49 PM
I’ll be doing a cover and blurb reveal at the end of the week so I’m all hush hush until then.

Christina Lee – 1:49 PM
Cannot wait!!!

Cardeno C – 1:50 PM
I think we’ll need to have a Grinder new release party in mid-July. Felice and Ella have new books too. Party at the (virtual) bookstore!

Christina Lee – 1:51 PM
Oh yeah!!! PARTAY!

Christina Lee – 1:53 PM
Cardeno, call you tell us what genre? Contemporary?

Lane Hayes – 1:53 PM
The ones for you, Felice and Ella…I’m so excited there are so many new Grinder books coming!

Cardeno C – 1:53 PM
Contemporary novel. First in a new collection called Friends.

Felice Stevens – 1:53 PM
Yes, it’s a big party month!

Felice Stevens – 1:53 PM
Awesome! I love your collections. When do you plan to release Cardeno?

Cardeno C – 1:54 PM
My release date is July 15th. I like Friday releases because weekend!

Christina Lee – 1:54 PM
AWESOME!!!!! I look forward to it, Cardeno!

Lane Hayes – 1:54 PM
Me too, CC! I’m excited!

Felice Stevens – 1:55 PM
It will be one straight week of Grinder releases starting with Ella’s on the 11th.

Lane Hayes – 1:54 PM
Felice, I ADORE your new cover, btw!

Lane Hayes – 1:54 PM
It’s beautiful!

Felice Stevens – 1:54 PM
Oh thanks! Me too. My first black and white. Really fits the story.

Cardeno C – 1:55 PM
Felice’s cover is STUNNING.

Felice Stevens – 1:56 PM
️thank you!!

Lane Hayes – 1:56 PM
I love black and white photography. I think only one of mine is bl/wh…My first one.

Felice Stevens – 1:56 PM
Yes!! That was a beauty, Lane.

Cardeno C – 1:56 PM
I love it too. In my younger years, I used to dabble in photography, always black and white.

Christina Lee – 1:57 PM

Felice Stevens – 1:57 PM
My kids did as well. I have some beautiful shots.

Lane Hayes – 1:58 PM
I tend to gravitate to Black/White cuz the contrasts can give so much dimension!

Felice Stevens – 1:58 PM
This cover was a huge departure from my usual but l felt the time was right to take a risk.

Lane Hayes – 1:59 PM
Great choice!

Christina Lee – 1:59 PM
It paid off, just stunning!

Felice Stevens – 1:59 PM
Thanks everyone!

Lane Hayes – 2:00 PM
I’m getting distracted by the oven repairman who won’t leave. Ugh.

Felice Stevens – 2:00 PM
What’s up next from you Lane and Christina?

Lane Hayes – 2:00 PM
My next book is #3 in my A Kind of Stories series. It’s called A Kind of Honesty. It should be out in September… (fingers crossed!)
I did my Target run yesterday, Christina. The struggle is real. $150 later.

Christina Lee – 2:02 PM
Love that series, Lane. So good! The next book in the Free Fall series that I’m writing with Nyrae Dawn (AKA Riley Hart) is coming late summer (we love these boys–Conner and Jamie) and I have a m/f contemporary release too.

Lane Hayes – 2:02 PM
Thank you Christina!

Christina Lee – 2:00 PM
Well we’re off to Target, guys. Where all I need is five items and I’ll come away with an entire cart. My weakness.

Cardeno C – 2:02 PM
Target is still better than Costco. I have a problem there. Someone should do an intervention but they’re all too busy eating the free samples.

Christina Lee – 2:02 PM
Hahahaha, I’ve heard that about Costco–now I’m sort of glad we don’t belong!

Lane Hayes – 2:03 PM
LOL! Luckily my husband loves Costco. He goes on his own happily. And I don’t argue.

Felice Stevens – 2:03 PM
Hahahah! The Target and Costco 100. Deadly.

Cardeno C – 2:03 PM
Okay, all. I’ve got a hankering for tea and a scene idea pounding at my head. This has been fun though (as usual)!

Lane Hayes – 2:04 PM
Very fun! Happy 4th everyone! Be safe!

Christina Lee – 2:04 PM
Wish me luck. Happy 4th! Stay safe and talk soon!

Lane Hayes – 2:04 PM
Good luck!

Felice Stevens – 2:05 PM
Happy 4th!!

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