Guest Grinders: June 2016

Guest Grinders

Hello! We were so excited when the folks at Gay Book Reviews asked us about guest blogging. We figured it was a good idea to talk about our group, The M/M Daily Grind, and our books, but we also wanted to try something a little different. We decided to just let you guys in on a little conversation between us where we’ll ramble about all sorts of things including the group, books, wine, coffee ­­you know, the good things in life ? We hope you enjoy it.

Riley Hart:

Hi. We’d like to thank Gay Book Reviews for having us. For those who don’t know, the seven of us write gay romance and we have a Facebook group called the M/M Daily Grind.

N.R. Walker Gigi contacted us wanting to know if we’d like to have a M/M Daily Grind monthly post, and of course we said yes!

Felice Stevens Since we all love talking

Ella Frank Bunch of women, you can barely shut us up.

N.R. Walker It’s not easy getting the seven of us online at the same time

Ella Frank Add wine…and it’s even worse

Felice Stevens or better depending

Christina Lee LOL! It was a feat. Wine makes it better.

N.R. Walker Oh yes, there is usually wine…

Riley Hart I swear, I feel like the only author in the world who doesn’t drink wine.

Cardeno C Ella and Felice can keep the wine. I’ll be here eating the hummus with a spoon.

Ella Frank Do you drink coffee Riley? That more than makes up for it.

Lane Hayes Share the wine please!

Cardeno C I’ll share my hummus with you, Riley.

Felice Stevens I can do hummus I like horseradish hummus.

Riley Hart I do drink coffee!

N.R. Walker I don’t drink very often, but when I do it’s wine.

Ella Frank Oh…I like hummus too. Red or white?

N.R. Walker Coffee is my fuel. And wine? I’d have to say white, the sweeter the better.

Cardeno C Horseradish hummus is a thing?

Felice Stevens I hear someone had a S’mores Frappuccino today.

Christina Lee I’ve never had horseradish hummus! OMG…googles…

Felice Stevens From Trader Joe’s

Ella Frank Horseradish…. Idk about that…

Felice Stevens It’s delicious

Cardeno C I keep seeing the picture of the s’mores frap and wannnnnting it.

N.R. Walker Yeah, you can probably keep your horseradish hummus LOL

Cardeno C Oh, I love TJ hummus. I’ll look for the horseradish variety.

Ella Frank Mhmm I am off Starbucks..I am having a four month Starbucks far I’m doing well…8hrs in.

Felice Stevens Now now Nr..

Christina Lee I will drink all coffee, all wine, and eat all food. Except maybe horseradish hummus.

Felice Stevens haha no one is willing to try

Lane Hayes I’m hungry now.

N.R. Walker Did you know, Starbucks isn’t really a thing in Australia? I think there are like 5 or 6 stores nationwide

Felice Stevens Thats sad, Nr

Cardeno C But you do have coffee shops, right? With drive­thrus?

Ella Frank Yes, I knew that N.R!

Felice Stevens Do Australians drink lots of coffee, though?

Ella Frank God, it almost killed me visiting back home.

N.R. Walker Yes, we have other stores that are similar, but just no starbucks. And drive­thru coffee shops aren’t really a thing.

Felice Stevens Makes sense

Ella Frank Yes they love it, but a lot of tea too.

Christina Lee I like that Australia doesn’t have Starbucks! Just saying…I’m not a lover.

Riley Hart I cheated and had Starbucks today. Shh. Don’t tell. Okay, back to the topic at hand ? So yeah, we have a group that started only a few months ago… I think In January, was it? It’s taken off quickly and has been really exciting. We chat about books, characters, life…anything, really.

Ella Frank YES! I was thrilled to be asked to be part of this wonderful group

Riley Hart I’ll jump in and go first.

N.R. Walker Yes, the Grinder Group has really taken off! I think we hit 1000 members in the first week maybe?

Riley Hart I’m Riley Hart. I also write under the name Nyrae Dawn. I’m a romantic at heart and love writing romance.

Riley Hart It’s why I enjoy being in the M/M Daily Grind so much!

Cardeno C [To readers: Do you see the multiple threads of conversation here? This is how authors think. You are seeing inside the vault.]

Felice Stevens Yes. The Grinders! It’s been so much fun. This is one group of talent

N.R. Walker LOLOL It’s a bit scary, huh? We’re used to having several imaginary convos at once

Ella Frank Yes that has to be a record…1000 in a week lot’s of people out there reading the MM genre…which makes me happy as a pig in mud, considering my own love of the genre – Hey, don’t be hating Christina…lol you have to Aussie’s in here and we be tough

Christina Lee Noooo Ella I mean I’m not a lover of Starbucks! LOL! Don’t hurt me! Okay back to actual book stuff. OOOh look a shiny penny… I love being part of the Grinders Group too and writing LGBTQ romance (in addition to m/f romance)

Ella Frank I won’t hurt you Christina. Not ever

Riley Hart Anyone want to chat about their newest releases?

Felice Stevens I get enough grief over my love of iced coffee

Ella Frank Ahahah DO YOU Riley???! Congratulations lady on an awesome first day!!!

N.R. Walker Iced coffee is my fave! I have one every day.

Cardeno C Iced is my preferred coffee variety. Ditto on tea. Really anything.

Ella Frank Whoop

Felice Stevens YAY!!!!

Cardeno C I’m behind in my books so my last release (Red River, a shifter novella) isn’t so new. The rest of you have newer so go at it.

N.R. Walker Yes, Ella and Riley both had releases this last week!!

Lane Hayes Congrats Riley and to Ella too! Mine is coming next week!

Ella Frank Whoop! We did! What a fun week it was.

Riley Hart Yes! Test Drive just came out yesterday. It’s the third book in the Crossroads series.

Cardeno C Felice, you have a new one too.

Lane Hayes And I only drink tea, hot or iced… and red wine.

Ella Frank Thank you Lane…and next week for you ! Woohoooooo

N.R. Walker I love tea English or Irish Breakfast are my fave.

Ella Frank And Devil’s Kiss was the second in my Sunset Cove Series.

Felice Stevens Oh my book’s old already lol. Learning to Love was out the beginning of May.

N.R. Walker Yes, there’s so much happening in our group with releases! We’re a busy bunch!

Cardeno C Don’t call that old. It makes mine ancient!

Ella Frank Isn’t that crazy…it feels old after only a month?!?! NOOOOOOOOO. It is still brand spanking and sparkly new.

Lane Hayes Thank you Ella. I’m excited. A Kind of Romance is book 2 in my new series. It’s been a while between books, so I’m thrilled!

Riley Hart That’s the fun thing about The Grind being such a large group with seven authors! I feel like we always have a reason to celebrate!

Ella Frank But in the indie world it feels old for sure.

N.R. Walker LOL Yes, my last release was Spencer Three and it feels like a lifetime ago

Ella Frank It’s so fast.

Riley Hart We celebrate a lot of book releases.

Felice Stevens Nr you have one in a few weeks

Cardeno C Lane, A Kind of Romance is next on my Kindle ­ so excited to read it!

Ella Frank We really do always have a reason to celebrate!

N.R. Walker Yes, my next book Blood & Milk comes out June 23rd 22 days away…

Ella Frank I am about to read Christina’s Series!! I’m thrilled.

Christina Thanks! My third book in the Roadmap series (The Hardest Fall) releases this month too. ;­)

Cardeno C Speaking of Blood & Milk, how did you come up with that title?

Ella Frank I start this weekend

Lane Hayes I saw a great quote the other day by Oscar de la Renta… “3 months of blood, sweat and tears and it’s over in 45 minutes” At least we get a little longer than that.

N.R. Walker Good God, Blood & Milk comes out in 3 weeks… hyperventilates

Ella Frank Yes?? I am curious about that title too!

Lane Hayes Thank you CC! Can’t wait for you to read it!

Riley Hart I feel so lucky that I get to read so many good books because of you ladies.

Ella Frank That is a very appropriate quote.

Ella Frank Awww I feel that way too. I was a huge fan before we all joined forces!

Lane Hayes I’m thrilled to be part of this group!

Felice Stevens I was already a big fan of all of you

Riley Hart See how much love we have for each other

Christina Lee Love that quote Lane. And yesssss, group hug.

N.R. Walker Oooh, the title Blood & Milk has a double meaning: One, it’s what the Maasai drink, and two, it’s actually their name meanings. Damu means blood, and Alé means milk in Swahili.

Riley Hart It makes me happy!

Ella Frank Oh wow N.R That is so cool! I love it.

Cardeno C Great title, N.R.!

Riley Hart That is SO cool, NR! I am so not creative with my titles like that. LOL

Lane Hayes Very cool, NR. I’m excited to read it!

Felice Stevens love it!

Christina Lee Wow, N.R. that’s cool. Looking forward to it.

Ella Frank I can’t wait to read it. And I’m a huge audible freak and can’t wait for your titles to be on audible too. That’s happening soon right??

Riley Hart So, June is an exciting month for Grinders­­Lane, NR and Christina all have books.

Ella Frank I am excited because Finley will be hitting audible in June also SUCH an exciting month!

N.R. Walker My books on audio? Red Dirt Heart 1 is out soon, but that’s the only one

Riley Hart Rock Solid is audio this month too

Lane Hayes Yes! Woohoo! Congrats on the audible, Ella

Ella Frank yes…N.R that’s what I meant!

N.R. Walker Yes, there’s always lots happening in the Grinders group

Felice Stevens that’s great, Ella!

Cardeno C I’m not an audio listener/reader but I know so many people love it so I’ve almost got my entire backlist on audio. Just a handful more to go.

Ella Frank Something always coming from one of the Grinders!

N.R. Walker Unfortunately, as an Aussie who self pubs, it’s incredibly difficult to get books in audio

Ella Frank I love that Cardeno! I LOVE audible’s.

Felice Stevens Yeo! My next one is July

Ella Frank I devoured Lane’s Better Than Series all on audible.

Riley Hart Yes! So we hope you guys will stop by and join the group to chat with us, along with seeing us at Gay Book Reviews once a month!

Lane Hayes Audios done well add another dimension. I don’t have time to listen to everything I’d like to. Thank you Ella! I love that narrator!

Ella Frank N.R have you explored doing ACX

Cardeno C PM N.R., is it hard to find narrators who use an Aussie dialect?

N.R. Walker PM Only US and UK peeps can use ACX.

Ella Frank He was amazing Lane! Oh mannnnn!!!!!

Felice Stevens Can you do it in Australia?

Ella Frank I didn’t know that!

N.R. Walker And yes, Aussie narrators are rare LOL

Cardeno C Oh, yeah, I remember that now.

Felice Stevens that’s what I thought

Christina Lee I just read Riley’s Test Drive (loved) and in the middle of Ella’s newest (Devils’ Kiss­­woo) and cannot wait to read the second in Lane’s series too­­really enjoyed a Kind of Truth.

Lane Hayes Thank you, Christina! I have so much reading to catch up on!

Ella Frank I LOVED Riley’s new Test Drive. It was so beautiful and well done!

Riley Hart And I got to beta read The Hardest Fall from Christina. It’s awesome. Read and loved Devil’s Kiss. Next up is Lane’s book!

Ella Frank And thank you Miss Christina

Riley Hart Aww. Thank you

N.R. Walker Nope, I have set it up through another author’s press house (the lovely RJ Scott) and she is allowing me to use her UK platform to get it done through ACX. I swear, this m/m community is so helpful and fabulous

Ella Frank Ahhh!! See so much goodness in here. I have Christina and Felice’s latest on my kindle for this weekend

Cardeno C Totally agree, N.R.!

Riley Hart I feel so lucky to be a part of this community.

Ella Frank When I hit Seattle ME too! And I can’t wait to read many more from you ladies this year

Lane Hayes I’m reading Riley’s Shifting Gears now.

Cardeno C Oh, my WIP is based in Seattle. Great city. Are you going for fun, Ella?

Ella Frank and see what the following months bring!

Riley Hart Yay. I hope you enjoy it, Lane.

Lane Hayes Loving it!

Ella Frank It is a GREAT city Cardeno I am going to celebrate my hubby and my birthdays and anniversary!

N.R. Walker I have soooooo much reading to catch up on!

Ella Frank I LOVE shifter’s Cardeno…LIKE LOVE THEM…so ummm that’s up next.

Lane Hayes I’ll finish the series and start Ella’s next.

Felice Stevens lol yes I do as well

Christina Lee You guys apparently type way faster than me. LOL. I can’t keep up this round.

Ella Frank Ladies and gents this was so much fun but I am literally being called to eat my dinner…and if I don’t go, it won’t last!

Riley Hart Okay, ladies, this has been fun!

Cardeno C I love shifters too. I eat ’em up with a spoon. Like my hummus.

Lane Hayes LOL. I totally understand! Bon appetit

Ella Frank This was so much fun And I am sworn to secrecy on what I am working on….

Riley Hart Thanks for chatting about books (and coffee and hummus and wine, lol) with us. We hope readers will stop by our group and chat with us. We’re a lively bunch!

Ella Frank Lips are zipped!

Riley Hart We’ll post the link at the bottom of the post. And ELLA. I’m DYING to know!

N.R. Walker Thanks Ella!! Enjoy your dinner!!

Riley Hart Big thanks to Gay Book Reviews for having us!

Lane Hayes Btw, total aside, I had green pea hummus the other night. Amazing!

Ella Frank Thank you ladies!!!! Have a good night and NR ­ Enjoy your day!

Cardeno C Thank you, Gigi and Belen!!!

N.R. Walker Thank you all for reading!!

Lane Hayes Thank you! xo

Ella Frank Thank you everyone for reading.

N.R. Walker Yes, i’m just about to start my writing day

Felice Stevens Thanks everyone!!

Christina Lee Well that flew by. See you all in the group! <3 Riley Hart Okay, gotta go help my kid with her hair. LOL.

Ella Frank Ahahah see you in the group ladies!

Felice Stevens bye!

Cardeno C Bye, all!

Lane Hayes Bye!

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