• Yes Wave enjoy your trip and if you are taking orders for the surprise gifts I would like some tall, blond and handsome please :)

  • Oh #7 is still here. Wave, I hope you enjoy our Vegas heat, next week is suppose to be a bit cooler than this week, LOL. 😀

    • No 7 is definitely still around and he’s happy that he doesn’t have to spend the weekend contemplating his navel. Enjoy!

      I’m hoping that the next TWO weeks are cooler than normal in Vegas and Arizona. We just had a mini heatwave (85F – 90F) here but the rest of the week is supposed to be around 75 F so I’m happy. :)

  • Don’t forget I won’t be posting any Friday Guys for the next 2 weeks but I’ll bring you back a few men from the shows in Vegas. I know that the Chippendale dancers are hot (saw them in Chicago) and I heard that The Men from Down Under are really rocking. *wonder if they’ll let me stick my hand in their underwear with my tip* :)

  • Yummy guys Wave (as usual). I’ll take #5 since he’s nice and squeaky clean. And those muscles…. :pant:

  • Quinn #6 Please. I need my car washed, could use some advice on body painting….. Oh I can think of plenty of things to keep us busy…. 😀 Thanks Wave, have a terrific weekend!

    • What is everyone looking for guys to do chores? You and Bryant just want cheap labour instead of cheap sex. :blush: Shame on you Dianne! 😆

      Have a wonderful weekend yourself. :)

      • Quinn was the one flaunting his ability to play with a sponge and hoses and finger paint in those Andrew Christian ads – I just took notice 😉

  • I know those sexy arms are perfect for fence repair, but honest–I’m choosing number 12 for that smile! And those eyes! And the chest! And the legs! MMmmmm mmmm. :pant:

    • Fence repair???? Wash your mouth out with soap Bryant. :) No. 12 is looking forward to being a guest in your home, make that bedroom, and he promised to report back. :blush:

      BTW you guys are on your own for the next two weeks since I will be enjoying the heat in Vegas and Arizona, but I’ll be checking out the Chippendale show as well as The Men from Down Under. :) Don’t be jealous – I’ll bring you back something. :)

      • Oooo, enjoy all heat levels, Wave! Have a great trip! :)

        Looking forward to the souvenir. *wink*

  • Can I play with number 10 this weekend? Pretty please, and preferably somewhere dry :)
    (I’m so sick of rain)

      • Sadly, no more holiday until late August :(
        I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still raining though

    • Oooh, you lucky thing, you. I was going to ask No. 10 to come and tune my piano, but you beat me to it! 😀
      I’m also sick of rain. And cold. Coldest day here yesterday, and wettest June, in seven years. :sad:

  • Hello, everyone! Wave, can I have guy no. 9 please? I love those eyes and his mouth!

  • #8 is delicious. It’s supposed to be rainy all weekend, so me and him can have some indoor fun.

  • #2 please! But they are alllll yummy!! (btw, Wave, interview in 2 hours…wish me luck! If it goes well, maybe I could borrow a few xtra boys to celebrate!)

    • Best of luck to you, I hope you get this one. I meant the job, because the guy you already got it.

    • Susie
      I wish you all the luck in the world. Please email me to let me know how it went.

      #2 is very happy to go home with you.:)

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