Introducing NineStar Press, Ltd.

Launching November, 2015

Remember the ridiculously fabulous M/M romance Resistance by L.M. Turner? This author and NineStar Press’s founder and managing editor are one in the same. Jessewave is thrilled to bring you the following press release.

A lot has changed in recent years for readers and writers of LGBTQA fiction.

It used to be the case that getting your hands on well-written LGBTQA fiction required a trip to a specialist bookstore in the hopes of finding the perfect story that spoke to you. Often, you had to stock up on a few at once to ensure you got the book that was exactly right for your needs.

Then, the internet came along, and a range of romance, erotica, and literary fiction written especially for LGBTQA readers was suddenly just a few clicks of a mouse away.

But that presents a new problem: With so many LGBTQA stories available—some good and some not so good—how do you find the highest quality, most bang-for-your-buck LGBTQA fiction around?

One brand-new publisher promises to be the solution to all your LGBTQA needs. Called NineStar Press, it launches this November, and it’s one to watch if you’re seeking a publisher dedicated to releasing only the best, most engaging LGBTQA stories you’ll want to read again and again.

Few publishing houses have as much to offer readers and writers as NineStar Press does.

Its founder and managing director, Lisa Cox, knows exactly what makes a publishing house great: She’s spent a decade honing her business model by working with the best romance publishers in the market, and she’s bringing that depth of experience with her to NineStar Press, an LGBTQA-focused press.

Her experience has shown her exactly what both readers and authors want from a publishing house.

I’ve spent the past ten years working with many of the best romance publishers in the market—both boutique and big—and while I learned a lot from them, I also couldn’t help but notice certain aspects in need of improvement and development,” Lisa says. “It’s my goal now to bridge that gap—to bring the best of this business to both readers and authors, while also providing better solutions in those underdeveloped areas and inspiring confidence in our business model.

So what should readers expect from NineStar Press? For a start, the company will cater to a range of LGBTQA readers. NineStar Press will offer romance, erotica, and literary works of fiction in a range of lengths to suit every preference: from sweet, short romances to red-hot erotica. Whatever your preference, the story you buy is guaranteed to be professionally edited by editors and proofreaders with combined decades of experience.

NineStar Press will also seek out the best authors to ensure that readers are certain of top-quality, page-turning fiction.

The company knows what an LGBTQA audience wants, too. As every member of the NineStar Press team self-identifies as being part of the LGBTQA community, you know that the stories you read are written, edited, and developed with you and the LGBTQA community in mind. That means you’ll see the sorts of characters you can identify with and plots that will entertain and excite you—every time you buy a NineStar Press book.

Authors, too, are guaranteed a professional, first-class experience from submission all the way through to publishing. As Lisa explains, there are few publishers who can give authors the kind of experience that NineStar Press does, thanks to the strong team behind the publisher.

“We know every corner of this business,” she says. “From editing to promotion to art—we have the right experts in our team. After years spent researching, observing, and working in this industry, we’ve developed a business model designed to offer the best experience for everyone involved.”

NineStar Press backs its authors from start to finish, too. Unlike other publishing houses that put the success or failure of a book firmly on the author’s shoulders, NineStar Press recognizes the importance of getting an author’s book out to the right audience early and often.

“We’ve put a heavy emphasis on maintaining a marketing budget,” Lisa says. “Every single book will receive a promo campaign, from a blog tour to paid advertising and everything in between. What’s more, our marketing team will revisit under-performing books and give them a boost. No book gets left behind.”

And, unlike a lot of publishing houses that severely restrict what their authors can and can’t do, NineStar Press respects the writer’s right to decide what’s best for them.
“We offer one of the most author-friendly contracts in the business,” Lisa says. “We don’t want to grab all of the author’s rights, lock them in for years, or force them to submit future works to us. No one likes a greedy publisher!”

So whether you’re an LGBTQA author or just a fan of top-quality, well-written, hard-to-put-down LGBTQA fiction, NineStar Press has something for you.

Join us for our launch in November 2015. We can’t wait for you to start enjoying all that NineStar Press has to offer.

In the meantime, please visit our pre-launch website for more information:

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