The Last Guy Breathing

LastGuyBreathingTitle: The Last Guy Breathing (The Guy #3)
Author: Skylar M. Cates and Matt Baca (Narrator)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press LLC
Release Date: February 2nd 2015
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary
Length: 8 hrs 53 mins
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


Henry Clueley doesn’t want to be in Glamour, not after moving far away to overcome a difficult, if privileged, childhood. He’s no longer that pudgy kid desperate to escape his hometown, but it still holds painful memories. When his recently widowed mother needs him, however, “dependable Henry” does the right thing—even if it means leaving the IRS to take a boring corporate position. Things don’t stay boring for long. Soon Henry helps the local sheriff’s department unravel a crime. Posing as half of a fake couple seems like a fun idea… until Henry learns he already knows the deputy playing his other half.

Deputy Locke may be new to the Glamour Sheriff’s Department, but he’s fought his way up in the world and is determined to make a good impression. He keeps his private life quiet, even from his beloved younger brother. Locke knows better than most the need to protect what’s his.

Henry resents the arrogant, gorgeous cop, and Locke thinks Henry is sheltered and spoiled. Their secret and steamy encounter only adds to the animosity. As they join forces, Henry thinks a relationship with Locke would be catastrophic, but the white-hot passion between them makes it hard to resist.

Belens Audio Book Review

If I’m objective, and take out my own issues with this story, the rating is 3.5 stars.

Subjectively, this will be going onto my “Hated It” shelf. This is a story that pushed so many of my rage buttons it’s really not even fair for me to rate it. So take my rating, and review, with a grain of salt.


My rage first triggers with Locke, who is one of the most singularly unlikable characters I’ve read in a long time. Mainly because he is completely unlikable for 95% of the story, only redeeming himself (somewhat) in the last two chapters. Seriously…the last two chapters. Locke who admittedly had a rough childhood with a gambler mother and an enabler, absentee, father. Locke who’s sort of, kind of, in the closet – but not really. Locke who largely raised his little brother and had that shitty childhood so that gives him the right and excuse to be a raging asshole to everyone around him, and treat others horribly. But it’s okay, you know? Because he had it rough.


My rage continues to be inflamed by Henry. Poor used-to-be-fat Henry who had a rotten childhood with a rotten father, who was verbally abusive, and a weak mother who should have packed up herself and the kid, and almost did a bunch of times, but never quite managed it. Poor used-to-be-fat Henry who has lost all the weight, but still feels like the miserable chunky kid with no one to love. Poor used-to-be-fat Henry who just wants to find love, is desperate for love, needs to be loved. Poor used-to-be-fat Henry who is so willing to take whatever emotional dregs Locke is willing to brush his way. Oh, and did you get that Henry used to be chunky?


My rage then further spirals with the aggravating mystery plot and truly lackluster “romance”. I’m so confused – is this supposed to be a romance? Or is it a mystery? I thought I was getting a romance. I wanted a romance. Worse, it tries to straddle both worlds and just ends up doing a lousy job with both.

Then comes my absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world of writing – MISCOMMUNICATION! Oh, yay! We get to not talk about things and unnecessarily break up too? HOORAY! BEST DAY EVER!


So, yeah. I hated this story.

But I am firmly, FIRMLY, in the minority with this. And, hey, it could have just caught me on a bad day, because I cannot tell you the number of people I know who RAVE about this story and think it’s the best in the series so far. I am just NOT one them today. Obviously. Even Matt Baca’s narration, which I usually enjoy, grated on me this time around because of how much I was disliking the story. *sighs* So, like I said in the beginning – take this all with a grain of salt.



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