So Into You (Vallie’s Review)

So into you
Title: So Into You (The PI Guys #2)
Author: SE Harmon
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: January 4, 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 326
Reviewed by: Vallie
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5

Screenwriter Noah Ashley has a few four-letter words for his agent when she suggests he improve his script by shadowing a PI. Still, because he’s an artist dedicated to his craft and she knows where the bodies are buried, he agrees. Then he spends a little time with the gorgeous PI, and suddenly it seems like a really good plan. The PI doesn’t seem to entirely love the idea, but Noah has never been afraid to go after what he wants.

PI Drew Rodriguez is used to people depending on him. He’s the classic rock for his family. Responsible. Dependable. The classic rock would never succumb to the borderline sleazy temptation of friends with benefits, no matter how sexy that temptation is. Drew is looking for something enduring.

Despite Drew’s misgivings, it’s not long before they’ve got all the requisites for friends with benefits going. Friendly, good conversation? Check. Fun times in and out of bed? Check. Hot, electrolyte-sapping sex? Double check. Falling in love? Yeah. About that….

Looooooooved this! I had really liked the first book in the series, and of course, the unforgettable Mac, but I am happy to report that this book was equally a big win for me.

Drew is Mac’s business partner at the PI business. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t remember much about Drew from book 1, mainly because it’s been quite a while since I read it, so I started reading this as if Drew was a completely new character. He came off as a bit gruff, a bit anal about things, super organised, but also very emotional –an aspect of his personality that was thoroughly explored with the dad/brother sub-plot. I really liked Drew. He was the quintessential muscled hottie but with a good sense of humour, especially the dry, sarcastic kind, that he pulled off tremendously well.

Noah was completely different. A successful Hollywood screenwriter, used to people using him for his connections, and very much accepting of the fact that relationships in his life were not to become meaningful or long-term, Noah barged into Drew’s life and brought it upside down. Drew did not hook up, as per Noah’s MO, but the two developed an interesting relationship while working together. Their relationship was defined initially by simple tolerance, it developed into a tentative friendship, it kept evolving into lust and strong sexual attraction, and eventually morphed into an actual, honest-to god relationship.

But Noah freaked out. Of course he would. I did not like how even though he was the one who pursued Drew, when shit got real and Noah’s time in Miami started coming to an end, he metaphorically and literally bailed.

The good stuff.

SE Harmon’s writing style makes for a great reading experience. Seriously. I laughed out loud several times and I generally found the dialogue very clever. I could start quoting the one-liners here but I’ll save them for you because they pack a punch, let me tell you.

The slow burn. And I mean reaaaaaaly slow burn. The characters got to know each other and went through many stages in their developing relationship before anything sexual happened. Did I wish for things to hurry along? Yes. Many times, in fact. I remember this from book 1 as well. Both books could have used some chopping in the editing phase by at least 50+ pages. But, I still appreciated that the characters took their time and that I felt like I knew them really well by the time they got together.

The sex? Yeah baby, just as hot as in the first book. There’s dirty talk, there’s emotion, there’s even humour. Amazing intimate scenes. One complaint? We saw their first make-out session but their first proper time together was off page. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????

Mac. Who else. His presence is something that cannot be denied. I knew this character would stay with me after reading his story and I was right. He was an amazing side character, always a pain in Drew’s ass but there to support him as needed as well. Love love love Mac!

The dad subplot was a good way for Drew’s character to be developed properly. We got to know him not only as an adult male looking for a partner, but as the son who’s been hurt by his parent and is trying to make his peace with it. I loved those parts and I appreciated that there was a realistic conclusion to this aspect of the book.

I also liked Noah’s relationship with his ex-wife/manager extraordinaire. I don’t know that it was very plausible, but I enjoyed reading their interactions just the same.

The HEA was glorious and the story seems nicely set up for Drew’s brother to get his book. Please let it be Zack’s story that’s coming next!

Highly recommend!

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