The Right Time (Right and Wrong #3)

the right time
Title: The Right Time
Author: Lane Hayes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: June 26th 2015
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 220
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.3 stars out of 5

Workaholic Nate Erickson is a successful real estate developer who thrives on long hours and stress. When a Los Angeles project prompts him to relocate to Santa Monica, he welcomes the change of scenery. Nate has always considered romantic entanglements trouble, but his sexy next-door neighbor isn’t easy to ignore. Which makes no sense, because Nate is straight… or so he’s always thought.

Alex Reyes is a retired professional soccer player turned West Hollywood business owner with an insatiable lust for life. He loves his family, friends, and work. But there’s one life challenge left to accomplish: coming out publicly. Respect for traditional Latino values has kept him in the closet, but Alex begins to think he and his new neighbor might help one another combat their fears. As Alex and Nate forge a strong friendship, they soon realize facing their personal demons will take more courage than either man bargained. The reward is immeasurable… if the timing is right.

This was good, but I didn’t like it nearly as much as the second book in the series.

I liked Nate. At first I thought he would be the asshole, but he wasn’t. But I felt there was something inconsistent about his character. When he first felt the attraction towards Alex he kind of freaked out internally.

“I gulped, wondering what the fuck was wrong with me. Why was I noticing this stuff? It wasn’t like me. At all.”

BUT later on, we learn that not only this is not his first time with a man, but that in the past he was in a serious relationship with a guy and they were even planning on moving in together!! And suddenly he is wondering why he is salivating over a hot stud’s abs?

Well…Alex was a great laid back guy…when he wasn’t having hissy fits out of the blue and sometimes for stupid reasons. Like when he called Nate a racist because he was too self concious to speak Spanish.

And what the heck was up with the “pretend you ‘re my boyfriend so that my dad takes my coming out seriously”? This confused me too.

And at the end, why so much drama? I understand Nate carrying this big weight on his shoulders, but Alex? Throwing this last big tantrum for something that didn’t concern him directly, instead of offering Nate support?

Also, Jules…The woman drove me nuts. She was acting like a teenager. Girl! He said no! Back off already!

It’s not that I didn’t like the story at all, I did and it was no hardship to finish this book. I guess I had a difficult time with the character development, is all. The sex as always is hot, the writing great and the HEA solid. For the fans of Lane Hayes, I do recommend it.

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