Convincing Leopold (London Legal #2)

Title: Convincing Leopold (London Legal #2)
Author: Ava March
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Edition: Second
Release Date: February 16th 2016
Genre(s): Historical
Page Count: 111
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Never get between a reformed rake and his lover.

London Legal, Book 2

Three months ago, Leopold Thornton gave up his old, indulgent lifestyle to follow the man he loves to London. But now that he and Arthur Barrington have settled down, doubts are creeping in.

Arthur is spending more and more time at his law office—with a handsome new secretary. And Arthur’s ex-lover wants him back. Desperate not to lose Arthur, Leopold resorts to the only trick he knows to convince him to stay—pleasure.

Arthur knew that life with Leopold would never be boring. But recently their evenings—and afternoons and mornings—have become decidedly more vigorous. Being with Leopold is amazing, but juggling demanding clients and a demanding lover leaves Arthur exhausted and worried perhaps he and Leopold aren’t suited after all.

As business keeps Arthur later and later at the office, Leopold’s demons begin to haunt him again. To heal their rift, Arthur will have to let go of his own past—and pull his lover back from the brink.

Warning: Includes a reformed bad boy who discovers a jealous streak, a solicitor who isn’t always so conservative, explicit male/male scenes in a variety of locations, a complete lack of inhibitions, and a generous heaping of angst.

This is a previously published work. This second edition has been edited with minor changes. For readers who purchased the original edition, this second edition is not substantially different. (less)

Review for the second edition.Convincing Arthur, ended with a rather satisfying HFN. Arthur and Leopold admitted they had feelings for each other, and decided to give their “relationship” a chance. I was hoping, though, that we would find them in a better place in Convincing Leopold. It didn’t happen.

Actually, the two of them seem to be facing some serious problems.

Lack of communication. Arthur and Leopold don’t communicate at all. They never discuss their problems, thoughts, or at least, the things that bother them.

Jealousy.Leopold is very jealous of Arthur’s new secretary, because he believes that he has set his eyes on his man (which he probably has, but that’s not the point).

Arthur is tired, overworked, and still insecure about the past. He ‘s always waiting for Leopold to fail him or to end up realising that the two of them are not compatible.

Leopold doesn’t know how to deal with this Arthur, so he offers him the only thing that knows well; sex. But that’s not always the answer.

And when push comes to shove literally, it breaks them apart.

There were a couple of things I found odd.


First, the “revelation” that Leopold has been having bouts of depression since his childhood. This came out of the left field without being mentioned or implied before, and was left unexplored.

Second, Leopold buys a house for him and Arthur, after having almost broken up with him and without having reconciled. Quite a big step, that didn’t make much sense, considering the fight they had just a few days earlier.

I loved the moment that Arthur, finally, realised that he is the one who is failing Leopold and that he truly loves him.

So far this is not my favorite series from Ava March, but the writing is always engaging and there is plenty of steam.

Looking forward to reading the third book in the London Legal series.

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