As the Leaves Fall (Love for the Seasons Book 1)

Title: As the Leaves Fall (Love for the Seasons Book 1)
Author: R.J. Jones
Publisher: Vivid Blue Press
Release Date: March 18, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary, Romance,
Page Count: 129 pages
Reviewed by: Lily G Blunt
Heat Level:  3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

The perfect job or the perfect man. Surely Aiden and Noah can have both, right? 

Aiden Turner’s world flipped upside down when his vengeful ex-boyfriend destroyed a major project, costing his uncle’s architectural firm an important client. Feeling guilty, Aiden has since sworn off all romantic involvement with anyone he works with.

Noah Walker is getting ready to interview for his dream role when he catches Aiden’s eye on the London Tube. They strike up a conversation, and even though the attraction sizzles between them, Noah must decline the offer of a morning coffee. The interview is crucial, and he needs to focus on getting the job, not getting a date.

When Aiden discovers the enigmatic man on the train is the same man he is interviewing, he is torn. But he knows Noah is the right man for the job, and he attempts to put some professional distance between them. However, it’s not long before Noah makes his way under Aiden’s skin.

Neither man can afford to risk their employment, but keeping their relationship a secret takes its toll. When things get ugly, they need to decide what’s more important—or if the job is worth the sacrifice.

An enjoyable office romance featuring two likeable and mature sexy guys. From the start, they face the dilemma of choosing between behaving professionally within their working environment or listening to their hearts.

Noah hopes he’s found his ideal job in a top architectural firm, which he discovers has the added benefit of working alongside a gorgeous hunk of a boss. Noah is certainly well qualified for the position, and despite Aiden’s immediate attraction to him, he still appoints Noah. His intelligent, friendly, and easy going nature makes Noah the perfect candidate.  From the outset, they work well together and Noah soon offers constructive suggestions for the company’s projects.

The men were inexplicably drawn to each other from their first meeting, but Aiden makes it clear any hookup, even in secret, would be a disaster for their careers within the firm. The two men deal with office politics and rivalries, as well as their feelings for each other admirably.  They manage to resist their attraction and work amicably together. Their friendship develops, but it’s a struggle to keep their desire under control. That is until they can’t resist anymore. When they finally give in, we are treated to a hot and steamy love making session.  Noah doesn’t want to be kept a dirty little secret and Aiden is worried about telling his family about them, so everything is far from rosy. There’s no nastiness or tantrums between the two lovers and they behave in a dignified manner to resolve their relationship issues.

The story is written from both characters’ POV, so we understand Aiden’s fear of committing to an office romance that may jeopardize the company’s future, and risk his own career or Noah’s dream job.

As the Leaves Fall is entertaining throughout. The story flows smoothly with a little angst and trepidation along the way, but nothing too traumatic. And the fact that the story is set in London increases its appeal for me. 

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An enjoyable office romance featuring two likeable and mature sexy guys.
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