Calendar Boys August: Scorched

Author: Jamie Craig
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Extended Novella (31K words)
Rating:  5 stars out of 5

Aaron Meyers, volunteer firefighter has had a crush on Xander Wescott, his brother’s best friend most of his life, from the time he was thirteen trailing after them. Now Xander is back home from New York to help battle the flames threatening his hometown in southern Utah and those teenage yearnings blaze into much more adult feelings.

Xander remembers Aaron as the gangly kid who used to follow him around and he’s not prepared for how much he wants to get to know the man Aaron has become. While eyeing him in the communal showers after fighting the fires all he can think about is getting Aaron into his bed. When they decide to renew their old acquaintance and have dinner together neither knows that the other is gay and they are not prepared for how pleasurable the evening turned out. After they realize the way the wind is blowing and the developing strong feelings between them which have the makings of a real relationship, the sex becomes more than a one night stand. Xander is the teacher but Aaron is no slouch as they get down and dirty and experience the wonderful highs of truly exceptional sex.

The sex is gentle, emotional, sensuous, hot and every other word you could choose to describe the coming together of two people who find what they are looking for in the other person – Aaron, who had never been held in the arms of a guy who cared for him and had only been involved in one night stands, and Xander who had sworn off meaningless encounters because he wanted something more, someone to love. I really loved the tenderness Xander showed Aaron when he recognized how inexperienced he was, after all, how many sexual opportunities are there for a gay man in a small town in Utah?

Calendar Boys August: Scorched is the best book in this series that I have read so far. The characters are fully developed and three dimensional and there is enough of a back-story that the reader can relate to in getting to know Aaron and Xander. Even Honey, Aaron’s puppy, was not just “filler” as she had a unique personality and added humorous touches to this excellent tale. The background of the fires makes the story seem even more realistic as they battle the flames together under the usual conditions of danger, strong winds, heat, lack of rain and the real possibility of injuries that occur in these situations. Aaron’s manipulative and intolerant brother Eddie adds a homophobic touch as he tries to get Aaron out of the clutches of his former best friend when he realizes that he is going over to the dark side. Calendar Boys August: Scorched was a really enjoyable book and I have no hesitation in recommending it to fans of Jamie Craig or other readers new to the work of this terrific writing team.

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