Clouded Hell (J.R. Gray) Review by Jaime

Clouded Hell
Title: Clouded Hell
Author: J.R. Gray
Publisher: Gray Books
Reviewer: Jaime
Release Date: March 21, 2016
Genre(s): M/M; BDSM, MMA
Page Count: 251 Pages
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

I survive on avoidance. Physical pain to avoid the mental. Disposable flesh to avoid relationships. Work to avoid attachment.

My club became my empire of avoidance. Inside the ring millions are won and lost. The fight is confined to breaths, actions and reactions, fists and pain. Rules don’t exist. Only my opponent exists.

I’d been avoiding my needs for far too long when Remi stumbles into the Inferno and I’m hungry. The promise of a submissive with no attachment is far too tempting. I can’t resist him.

He was only supposed to be a distraction, but I know I’ll never get over him. There isn’t a chance in this clouded hell.

This was a different book. I had trouble following all the different ideas floating around in the book. From what I gather, Dante is a underground fighter and a Dominant/Sadist. He is sought out. Remi comes from California to New Orleans seeking out Dante to Dominate him, Remi is a masochist and a switch. He has a submissive in California Kai, who is also a switch and his best-friend. However, Kai and Remi have an open relationship they are really just best-friends with kinky benefits. Kai is also dating Kyle – a guy who is not in the lifestyle at all. So that is our main relationship in the book, in addition to Chris who is a fighter and helps Dante work out his urges …Dante thinks they are just friends, but Chris seems to have some unrequited feelings towards Dante.

So of you can keep all that straight. Then let’s add in the criminal and mafia aspect of the book. That’s right, Remi is son of one of the mafia bosses from Las Vegas. Remi has to hide his sexuality because he has seen his dad kill people, family members for being gay. Somehow though Remi’s Dad never questions why Remi and Kai live together in California, it’s as if he ignores his sons sexuality until he is forced to face it.

So after seeking out Dante, Remi is able to get him to agree to scene with him. See Dante is leery of getting mixed up with anyone after his husband Masen disappeared and left him with a shattered life. But Dante agrees, and he sees that Remi is truly every sadists wet dream! These two have definitely chemistry.

Behind the sex, the criminal activity, the open relationship issues, and the jealousy between partners this book doesn’t have much else of a plot. I kept waiting for the story to take off but all I was left with was more and more confusion. Maybe it was just me, but I really didn’t get much out of this story.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of provided by J.R. Gray in exchange of an honest review.

This book was not what I expected and Sadly one I was unable to fully enjoy.
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