Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Bad boys bad boys Title: Bad Boys, Bad Boys
Author: Mia Watts
Publisher: Total-e-bound
Buy link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: short story
Rating: 2 stars out of 5


What you gonna do when they cum for you? A police force partner submits to his desire while under the influence of alcohol. But since neither of the men are gay, what do they do with their lurking lust?


Mack and Geo are cops and have been partners for 3 years, but now Geo is having sexual thoughts of Mack and is dreaming in technicolour about him. He’s so fixated on Mack that one evening when they were out in a bar even a bottle rim looks like the flared head of Mack’s penis to him. Obviously he’s got it bad!  Geo got so drunk that night Mack had to take him home and, of course, had to help him get undressed. Suddenly Geo overpowered Mack, even in his inebriated state, and gave him the best oral sex of his life. (I’m quoting here)!

The story continues in this vein as Mack now doubts his sexual orientation but still believes he’s straight. After all, being forced to enjoy having your dick sucked by another guy doesn’t mean that you’re gay. To make matters worse, Geo doesn’t remember the previous night and all the fun they had together. They are both so befuddled by this state of affairs that on their next stakeout they lose their target because they are busy kissing and having oral sex.

What saved this story from being a DNF for me was the humour – there was so much wrong with it that I don’t know where to begin. The plot, what little there was of it, was not believable. How could Geo who was drunk as a skunk one minute, overpower his partner a few minutes later and force him to have oral sex? How did Mack’s clothes come off? By magic? The dialogue was just as bad.  If this book were a movie it would have gone straight to DVD and not opened in the theatres. Here are some of the lines –

“I’m thinkin’ that I was drunk, and you weren’t. How the hell did I get the jump on you to suck cock, and you not stop me?” Mack squirmed. “Took me by surprise. Thought you were about to puke, and the next thing I know you have my pants down.”
The memory of Mack’s short and curlies zooming in and out persisted. The only way he could have sucked cock like that was— “You weren’t soft.” The realisation dawned on him with a measure of incredulity. “You weren’t, either,” Mack countered.“Dude, I don’t remember it. No, I’m serious,” he said when Mack seemed disbelieving. “Clearly you don’t have a memorable cock.”

There were several scenes in the story which would test the credibility of any reader – in one instance these two officers, while waiting for the Chief who is not pleased that they let their target escape, start kissing in a conference room with the door unlocked, clearly unconcerned about losing their jobs.

Let’s just say that this was not a memorable story for me. The characters were one dimensional and the prose and dialogue were not much better. The love and tenderness which is a key component to Gay for You (GFY) is missing throughout. Gay for You is not the easiest plot to pull off, and in this case the story failed on all counts.  However, other readers may enjoy Mack’s and Geo’s “romance.”

Bad Boys, Bad Boys is part of  Total-e-bound’s Lust Bites series.



  • Hi Wave. No worries. I see a lot of reviews. I found this one on a Google search and wanted to see what you had to say. Usually the standard, “Great read” is lovely, but it doesn’t teach me anything about the problems. BB was my first m/m book. I wrote it before I wrote Claimed by Darkness or the soon to release books (Mind F*cked and She’s Got Balls). CbD is a GFY and dark. The other two aren’t.

    Either way, I appreciate the frankness of your review. I take no offense and thank you for your opinions.

    • Hi Mia
      I look forward to reading your other books. Please let me know when they are released.


      If you read any of my reviews you’ll know that when I love a book it’s very clear WHY I love it, and the same for books I don’t recommend. I can’t just say “it didn’t work for me” or “this book was great”:)


      Thanks for dropping by and looking forward to news about your upcoming M/M releases.

      • Easy enough. 🙂
        Mind F*cked, October 27th
        She’s Got Balls, Nov 17th
        Both from

        Open Sesame in January is another anthology short. If you didn’t care for the speed of BB, then I don’t recommend this one. It’s another 13k tiny read.

        I have a few m/f thrown in the mix, but these are the next three m/m.

        Wave, don’t change. Honesty is always best and hopefully, always appreciated. Enjoy your week.


  • I’m going to take away from this review that at least I got a strong reaction. I also have several opinions to weigh as I continue the series. Yes there will be a second book. I decided the timeline was far too short for my tastes. With a required 12k length, it does become a challenge to fill in all the blanks, unfortunately.

    I appreciate the review. I always enjoy hearing what people think.


    • Hello Mia
      Thanks for coming by.


      I’m sorry that my review of Bad Boys, Bad Boys was not a positive one, but I have to tell the readers the truth about every single book I review. This one did not do it for me on any level.


      I do understand that it’s a challenge to write any story within a 12K limit, especially one like this which has the suspension of disbelief factor built in. It didn’t help that the elements I felt could have made the story better IMO were lacking.


      I hope to have the opportunity in future to review your other (longer) M/M books.

  • Sounds like kind of a wasted opportunity. And more like something that needs a lot longer to deal with than can be done in a short story. I like a bit of “gay for you”, I like to read about guys figuring out a side of themselves that maybe they’ve always repressed, but I prefer it when the writer milks it a bit, rather than rushing through it.

    • JFM
      The protags didn’t make any attempt at friendship first (I assumed that they at least liked each other since they had been partners for 3 years but it wasn’t evident from the story) before engaging in oral sex. There was no natural progression from cop partners to lovers.

      Here were two presumably straight men who went straight (?)g for the gusto. There was no attempt at believability or foreplay or any tender feelings between Mack and Geo, so I could not relate to the characters or understand how they could switch sexual orientation at the drop of a hat. Most GFY books that I have read and recommended at least demonstrate WHY the guys switched.


      I really can’t recommend this book but readers may want to check out other reviews because reviews are always a matter of personal opinion.

  • Mary

    I was totally frustrated that this story was published and I guess it came through in the review.

    I really was at a loss about this book. There was no connection between the two protags, I couldn’t tell if they liked each other and yet in the space of a couple of days two straight men are deeply in love after a bit of oral sex. This story failed on all levels for me – plot, dialogue, prose, pacing , characters – I could go on but you get the message.

    Unfortunately for me I bought 3 more books in the same series so I guess at some point I will have to read and review them.


    “Short and curlies” means pubic hair.:)

    • Thanks for clearing that up about “short and curlies”. Still feels weird to me, but I guess I’ll get used to it if I see it more often :). And good luck with the other stories :). All series have their ups and downs, you might enjoy the others more than this one. Just in case, I’ll wait for your review before buying them myself, though :-p.

  • What saved this story from being a DNF for me was the humour – there was so much wrong with it that I don’t know where to begin*laughing out loud* Wave, what happened to you! I think that’s the most scathing review I’ve read from you.
    I unfortunately have to agree 100%; that book was a disappointment for me too. There was no effort done to establish the friendship between the two men before Geo tackled Mack for kissing and sexin’. We were told they were friends, and that’s it. I like books that SHOW; telling’s not enough, especially in a gay for you story, where we are supposed to believe that the feelings the straigt men have for each other are strong enough to make then cross the line. Here, there wasn’t even a thought given to love or affection until…what, 3/4 along? Mack was all “eerk, he kissed me” then “shit he gives good head” to “triple shit, I actually liked it” then “I want to fuck him and oh, and I actually love him and no wait, I’ve loved him for a long time”. ALL. IN. THE. COURSE. OF. LIKE. THREE. DAYS. He said it black on white, too – “It took me a day (!!!) to work out how much I want you.”­
    Oh, and I’m not even going to mention the unprofessionalism. You said it all. Did your eyes bug out too when Mack told Geo to “drop your pants and spread them” when they were on stakeout next to the schoolyard, with the baddies just arrived on the scene? A full day to make up his mind, but once he’s made a decision, that guy sure doesn’t waste time.
    BTW, I’m still puzzled by the phrase “short and curlies”. Curlies=pubic hair, that’s one’s OK, but is “short” for the undertwear? (i.e. boxer shorts? and shouldn’t that be “shorts” with an “s”?)


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