Naughty Boy

naughtyboyTitle: Naughty Boy
( The Good Boy-Spring Fling Interlude )
Author: J.A. Rock & Lisa Henry
Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde
Publisher & Buy Link: Loose Id
Amazon: n/a
Genre: BDSM/fetish
Length: Short Story
Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: If you enjoyed Brin in ‘The Good Boy’ you will love this excellent interlude, one of the best little add ons to a book I have read.

Blurb: Brin and his Dom, Ferg, have enjoyed a fun, sexy domestic discipline relationship for years. Brin knows his role–flamboyant, fabulous brat–and Ferg knows it’s his job to play the big bad Dom, giving Brin the punishment he desperately craves. When Brin is tasked with dressing his new friend Lane Moredock for a date with Brin’s ex, Derek, he’s excited–fashion is what he knows best, and Lane is going to look stunning. But what should be a fun afternoon takes a serious turn when Brin sees that Lane has been injured, and Lane’s reluctance to tell Brin the truth about it makes Brin start to question who he is, why things didn’t work with Derek, and what people really think of him. Is he just a flittery, glittery fashion fairy? Or does he mean something more to the people he loves? And can he find a way to bring these doubts up with Ferg–or is Ferg going to have to Top his way to the bottom of this?


The blurb does a very good job of sharing the outline, what it can’t emphasise enough is how much fun this short story from Brin’s point of view is. Often these add on stories are little more than a hello/ goodbye advert for a main series, but this one cast more delightful light of varying degrees on all the main characters from the wonderful ‘A Good Boy’. Moreover it did it with a classy intelligent touch.

Brin is the star of this story, which he would accept as his due homage. Primarily through his interactions with Lane and later with Ferg, Brin’s unexpected introspection cleverly reveals details about his past and present. This is often done through very funny one liners but also the inner depths of his wardrobe. Occasionally frivolous but not trivial, this word play very neatly give us some more of Brin’s history but also deepens the development of his character. Once again there is no melodrama to taint what is a witty and completely insightful character study.

Seeing more of Ferg, but very distinctly through Brin’s eyes, added another layer to this character’s personality which reflected back more about Brin. Lane’s gentle vulnerability showed Brin’s thoughtful nature as he recognised just how narrowly focused the help he wanted to offer had to be. Of course it was lovely to watch Lane relax a bit in Brin’s company,

” Laney,” Brin said, and it was probably the most serious thing he’d ever said to Lane, ” do I look like the sort of person who is qualified to tell others what’s weird?”

This should only be read after ‘A Good Boy’, for it would be a real shame to miss out on that excellent book. Yet this is enough of a complete story to stand on it’s own two, scintillatingly shod, feet.


2 years 10 months ago

One thing I enjoyed is the realization by Brin (and reinforcement to the reader) why puppy play is so right for Lane. Spotlighting Brin and his relationship with Ferg like this was very nice too.

2 years 11 months ago

Thanks for spotlighting this one. I might have missed it otherwise, and I also enjoyed both books very much. I appreciated how you differentiated Naughty Boy from other “add-ons.” I wanted to click to order it right away. And did. 🙂

2 years 11 months ago

I liked this little extra peek into Brins and Fergs life…it was sweet to see Brin helping Lane and to catch a glimpse of a slightly un-confident Brin, and how Ferg understands what Brin isn’t saying, and supports him.

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