Rex’s Mate

Title: Rex’s Mate
Author: V.S. Morgan
Release Date: 11/24/2015
Genre(s): m/m Shifter
Page Count: 88 Pages
Reviewed by: Jaime
Heat Level: 2.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Former assassin Rex realizes retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be without someone to share it with. He longs for the kind of connection his friends Hunter and Casey have. Tired of meaningless hookups, Rex and his wolf are ready to find their mate. But what if his mate is the human-were bunny shifter his former boss placed in his care? Can he win the heart of this fierce and beautiful man?

Abducted and genetically altered against his will, Aaron is thrust into a world he’d thought was only make-believe. Under the protection of a Minnesota wolf pack, he struggles with his new abilities as a rabbit shifter and his growing attraction for his cocky protector. Can he trust the former assassin to keep him safe and find his brother still being held captive by the evil group responsible for changing his life forever?

This was my first book by author V.S. Morgan and It was a cute book. In this book we have Rex, who is a wolf shifter, former assassin all around bad ass. Rex is unsatisfied with life as he watches his pack mates all finding their bond mates and settling down. As he comes home one night after another night out on the town that was totally non-fulfilling he notices a covered cage in the pack house kitchen and hears something scratching around in it, imagine his surprise when he lifts the blanket and finds a cute fluffy black and white bunny in the cage. Rex assumes this is just another rescue animal that Casey has taken in and covers the cage heading up to bed. Rex notices a wonderful smell in the house like his Grandma’s Cinnamon and sugar Churro’s but he ignores it thinking it must be a moment of nostalgia. The next morning he wakes up with the bunny in his face – come to find out the bunny, is a shifter and his name is Aaron.

Aaron, or Harvey as the group is calling him when they first meet the black and white fluffy bunny has no idea why he is stuck in a bunny nor how to get out of it, all he remembers is life at Juliard where he was enrolled in their music program. He knows something is wrong but he can’t figure out what nor why this huge man named Rex has taken an interest in him, and when he sees Rex shift for the first time into a wolf, well Aaron’s Bunny is terrified. However, he can’t get over how much he loves the way Rex smells to him, like Christmas and Hanukkah all wrapped up together.

It is very unusual to be a non-predator shifter and Aaron has been turned into a shifter by a group of people who are doing experiments on people in an attempt to find the perfect super soldier. It turns out that Aaron and his twin brother, David, were both kidnapped by a group known as “The Brotherhood” and while under their control they were injected with toxins that modified their DNA making them into shifters. Bunny’s were chosen as they are easy to control and then the group was going to move onto predators once they had the method perfected.

Rex knows that Aaron is his mate but he also knows that he is going to have to take his time with Aaron as this man has had his life totally torn apart by The Brotherhood and he will need to help Aaron put the pieces back together. Rex helps Aaron with his first shift out of bunny form and then helps him overcome a lot of anguish and frustration as to why this happened to him and his brother. Rex and Aaron start working on finding David, which brings the two men closer together and eventually the mating attraction wins over and the two finally bond.

It is a quick read and everyone gets their happily ever after. There isn’t much angst in the story it just quickly moves along. There is a bit of insta love but I come to expect that in shifter books with the whole bonding/mating relationships. There is a book one in this series where we can read about Casey and Hunter, however I have not read it and I totally understood this book. If you like shifter books and want a quick read this book might be for you!

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