Strong Enough (Lily G’s Audio Review)

Title: Strong Enough (Family Collection #2)
Author: Cardeno C. and Ezekiel Robison (Narrator)
Publisher: The Romance Authors
Release Date: March 14th 2016
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: 6 hrs and 43 mins
Reviewed by: Lily G Blunt
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

A Book in the Family Collection

When a casual hookup turns into the potential for love, staid Spencer realizes he wants to build a life with vibrant Emilio.

When 22-year-old Emilio Sanchez sees handsome Spencer Derdinger walking by his construction site, Emilio makes it his goal to seduce the shy professor. Getting Spencer into bed isn’t difficult, but Emilio soon learns that earning the trust of a man deeply hurt will take time and patience. With a prize like brilliant, sweet Spencer on the line, Emilio decides he is strong enough to face the challenge.

Spencer is surprised when he’s approached by the gorgeous construction worker he’s admired from the safety of his office window. Acting spontaneously for the first time in his 38 years, Spencer takes Emilio home. When the casual hookup turns into the potential for love, Spencer realizes that if he wants to build a life with Emilio, he’ll need to be strong enough to slay his personal demons and learn to trust again.

Ezekiel Robison has made this whole series a delight to listen to. His narration throughout is superb. In this story he clearly characterizes each person and their emotions with a distinctive voice to match the personality. He made Spencer’s voice mature yet cute, Emilio’s hot and sensual, and the slimy ex boyfriend Peter worked really well and provoked the required negative reaction. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this light-hearted tale. It was definitely lust at first sight for this May/December and very opposite couple.  The young construction worker moving in straight away with the older professor might seem implausible in real life, but as usual, CC makes it entirely feasible.  It’s a sexy and sweet romance of two men rapidly falling in love.

Emilio is such a great character. Handsome and sexy, he knows what he wants and sets out to claim Spencer from the start. For someone who is so young (twenty-two) he possesses amazing confidence and the ability to do what is right. He starts off in the role of the seducer, but when he notices Spencer’s vulnerability, he takes his time to earn Spencer’s trust. He declares his intentions towards him so it doesn’t feel creepy.  I adored how caring and protective he is and how he makes Spencer feel comfortable and safe. They get to know each other well as Emilio gradually fixes the house for Spencer. He is patient and gentle, allowing Spencer the time to adapt to their new situation.

Spencer is the sweet and unassuming professor, who’s also lonely and insecure. My heart went out to him as we learn about his past and his insecurities. He’d been hurt before, but was still willing to give love one more chance. His reactions to Emilio loving on him and showing him attention are super.

The “off the charts” passion and connection between Emilio and Spencer made this story wonderful. The interaction and conversations showed a beautiful relationship developing and the smoking hot love scenes helped to make the insta-love believable. Emilio demonstrates his commitment to Spencer, and their love and devotion to each other prove to Spencer that he didn’t really have ED but that he’d simply been with the wrong partners before Emilio.

Emilio’s family play a fabulous role in the story. They are all supportive of Emilio and readily welcome Spencer into the fold. Some of the comical scenes involving the brothers are hilarious and had me chuckling away.

This is a favourite series of mine and this story is a well-crafted tale of love that keeps your attention throughout. It  draws the reader/listener into the characters’ lives and the blossoming relationship from the start.

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Galley copy of  provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.

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