Under the Stars

Under the Stars
Title: Under the Stars
Author: K. Sterling
Publisher: Bawdy Books
Release Date: May 5, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 163
Reviewed by: Gigi
Heat Level: 5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Dr. Noah Claridge could charm the stripes off a tiger. He’s dazzlingly handsome, intelligent, kind, British and loves to laugh at everything, especially himself. He’s perfect. Unfortunately, the love of his life is in love with someone else. Desperate to avoid sympathy and starting over, Noah goes on their romantic holiday alone, hoping to quietly drown his sorrows in wine for two weeks.
Everyone knows Jackson Carter is the sweetest, shyest, gentlest man in Waterloo Falls. But no one actually knows Jackson because the words get tied up before he can find them and he blushes like a girl whenever the wind blows. Which is absurd and unfortunate for a man of his size and strength. So, Jackson quietly rents out his lake house to people with the types of lives he dreams of.


“I like to read when I’m not chopping wood or acting like an oaf,” Jackson said and Noah’s head pulled back.

“Do you act like an oaf?” He asked and Jackson gave him a pointed look.

“Talking to people and being interesting isn’t as easy for me as it is for other people,” he admitted and Noah’s eyes narrowed as he studied Jackson. Once again, he felt like he was being weighed. “I heard you met Joshua Gardener,” he blurted and immediately regretted it. Mentioning Joshua would only magnify his own faults. And make him sound jealous. Noah’s head tilted as he stepped closer.

“I did meet Joshua and he gave me his number,” he said and Jackson felt like something was slipping from his grasp.

“You’re probably going to call him. He’s probably more the kind of guy you’d go for,” he mumbled and Noah shrugged.

“I go for all types,” he said gently and Jackson was a little breathless but more hopeful as Noah closed the distance between them. “But I don’t go for more than one of any kind of guy at a time. I’m quite into shy oafs that like to read at the moment,” Noah whispered and Jackson groaned as he pulled Noah against him.

“Good. I’m good at that,” he breathed against Noah’s lips and he felt them pull tight as Noah sighed.

“I imagine you’re good at a lot of things but I don’t know if you’d be good at keeping things easy and light. I don’t want to leave things a mess for you,” he said and Jackson was ready for battle.
“Stop worrying about me. I can be easy,” he insisted as he attacked Noah’s lips. He backed him against the wall and growled as his lips slid along Noah’s jaw and down his throat. He tasted as perfect as he smelled. Jackson had never touched anyone so impeccable or refined. He wanted to cherish every polished inch of Noah’s body and then he wanted to mess him up. “Let me show you how easy I can be,” he murmured against Noah’s skin as his fingers flicked at Noah’s belt and fly.


Warning! This book will send you into sugar shock.

“That was the most beautiful, intensely perfect moment of my life,” Noah declared then laughed as his hands captured Jackson’s face. His fingers splayed and traced as he lowered his head and sighed with delighted satisfaction. “I love you, Jackson.”

“This is the most beautiful, intensely perfect moment of my life,” Jackson decided as he wrapped his arms around Noah.

Now, I’m all about the sugar and fluff and this one really delivers, but my low rating is because of Noah. He was kind of a jerk for the first half of the book. He teased shy, inexperienced Jackson and it left me cold. He did make up for it by falling in love, but it made me feel yucky beforehand.

The sex was hot, I’ll give you that. 5 flames on the 5 high sex-o-meter.

It would have been candy perfection, but I just didn’t buy Noah. Jackson was a dream.


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