North Storm

Author: Willa Okati
Genre: GLBT (M/M) Fantasy
Length: 107 pages
Rating: **** ½ (out of 5)

North travels from his small village to the Citta del’Acqua to learn to dive for the large clams that are harvested for their meat as well as the rare prils they contain. Also, he is to be trained as a Man Hand so that he can teach others in his village to give sexual pleasure. When he meets Storm who is to be his trainer he is not at all what he expected.

Storm is an experienced diver and certified Master Hand and is the best in his business. On the day of North’s arrival he had made a rare catch which would bring him even more riches. However, Storm has lied about his credentials and isn’t all he claims to be.

After getting off on the wrong foot and not making the kind of impression he was hoping for, things go from bad to worse and North feels that his training may be more difficult than he anticipated. Storm punishes him relentlessly whenever North resists being made to feel less than a man and they continue to test each other to gain the upper hand. But something strange happens during the power struggle – they start to need each other.

From his first day diving for clams which is memorable in itself, to the tender feelings he is starting to have for Storm, North is confused about his thoughts and Storm’s possessive attitude toward him. Storm recognizes that North is everything he ever dreamed of, someone who will respond enthusiastically to his kinks and be an answer to his lusty prayers. In one scene when North bathes both Storm and himself it was a whole new sensual experience for me and such a turn-on it gave me goose bumps.

It’s hard not to fall in love with these two well crafted characters. The alien environment in which they live weaves its way through the book and North’s amazement at what he perceives to be strange and wondrous new things is something to behold. Storm doesn’t appreciate how much he cares for North until there is a major disaster; North on the other hand, is amazed that Storm is willing to sacrifice his dignity and his body for him. In North Storm Ms Okati is on top of her game and you are drawn into the lives of these men and experience their fears, joys and love for each other in totally unexpected ways with a bit of BDSM thrown in. Bravo to the author for her imagination in writing this unusual tale.

This book was previously reviewed for Literary Nymphs Reviews

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