Collision Course

Author: K.A. Mitchell
Genre: Contemporary GLBT (M/M)
Length: Novel
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Immovable object? Meet the irresistible force.

Paramedic Aaron Chase doesn’t have anything against love. It just comes with a lot of responsibility, like when he had to raise his sister and brothers after their drug-addicted mom took off for good. Now that the last one is off to college, Aaron’s anticipating enjoying life on his own terms. He certainly wasn’t expecting Joey Miller to accidentally drop into his life.

Joey’s sexy, funny and annoyingly optimistic, and his tendency to get into trouble keeps sending him Aaron’s way. Even the fact that Joey works for the hated social work system isn’t reason enough to keep him out of Aaron’s bed. Joey knows all about love. He’s fallen in it ten times—he thinks. It’s not that he can’t tell the difference between sex and love. All that experience has to count for something, right? With Aaron it’s different. Maybe because there’s something to fight for.

This time Joey’s fallen for good. He’s not going to let number eleven get away.


Many readers may remember Joey Miller from K.A. Mitchell’s wonderful romance Diving in Deep with Noah and Cameron. Well this time it’s all about Joey and Aaron. Joey is a klutz who finds new ways to hurt himself accidentally, but the first time he meets Aaron, a paramedic, he’s actually helping to save a child who had survived a terrible automobile accident. They took one look at each other across the carnage and knew they had a connection, but Aaron was seriously damaged emotionally and only wanted Joey for sex. However, Joey had other plans which included getting and keeping the man of his dreams, and Aaron didn’t stand a chance.

Aaron was nothing like the other 10 men Joey had dated and the excitement was so hot between them that their first time together was on the hospital grounds in Aaron’s ambulance where Joey injures himself yet again, but the bleeding doesn’t stop him from having the best sex in his life. Joey knows that Aaron wants him but realizes that he had serious issues about being close to any one outside his family and it’s a constant battle to overcome Aaron’s past and prejudices.

This book has some serious smoking hot lovemaking which required me to take frequent breaks before I self destructed, but what makes it different from other books and such an incredible read is there’s a compelling story with an intricate plot and characters that tug at your heartstrings. Collision Course is not a lightweight book. It deals with issues most of us have never experienced and would never wish on anyone. Aaron is from a dysfunctional family and had to be responsible for his siblings at a very early age when tragedy struck. This lead to their mistreatment at the hands of the Department of Families and Children and Aaron’s hatred for all social workers and unfortunately Joey is the face of the DFC.

The writing is exquisite and the story is poignant at times and gives us glimpses of a family still in crisis even though most of them are now adults. The characters were vulnerable and real, and Aaron who tried really hard to be cold and detached was no match for Joey who loved him and wanted his heart in return. The author added a music track to the story which was always playing in Joey’s mind that made it fun, and even though it’s not the kind of music I groove to, it was very effective in getting me to understand Joey’s complicated persona.

Collision Course has got to be one of the best books I have read this year. I thought that K.A. Mitchell was an excellent writer before when I read some of her other stories and this one reinforces my respect and admiration for her prose, dialogue and characterizations. Collision Course has everything – great protagonists, a complex plot, fast pacing, terrific secondary characters in Aaron’s siblings and colleagues, the return of Cameron and Noah, and a seriously cool music track to die for.

I’m looking forward to what I hope will be the next story in this series, that of the hunky ER doctor, Dr. Jae Sun Kim. Buy this book.


  • Hi TA
    I think it’s better than DID. As you can tell I really loved the story and the characters. KA is a terrific writer – but so are you – I have loved every one of your stories that I have read to date and can’t wait for High Line :)

  • let’s not forget this is fiction :)

    You…you mean it’s not real? *wibbles*

    Geez, next you’ll be telling me there is no Santa!

  • You’ll love it Lily. I think it’s her best yet.

    The boyz are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow :)

  • Hey Wave,

    I really love reading K.A.’s books, she’s awesome.

    I’m now in the process of shuffling my TBR around to read CC ASAP. Your review, as usual, left me wanting to read the book right away 😀


  • Hi Mary
    Let me know how you like The Catch Trap when you get it from the library. I placed it in my amazon cart and I’m waiting for the dollar to edge up higher before I buy all of those books I have waiting for me.

    I’ve read most of K.A. Mitchell’s books and so far I like them all. Joey is something else, but the kids in his care will be taken care of I’m sure when he moves to the next town – let’s not forget this is fiction :)

  • I really liked this one, and added a few of her backlist to my TBR pile. Someday…*sigh*

    My one worry was that Joey himself needs a keeper, so how the heck was he responsible for the welfare of other kids? He moved around so much, something like 10 times in a few year’s time. Made me cringe to think of kids getting dropped through the cracks when he picks up and runs.

  • I ran to check The Catch Trap as soon as I saw K.A.’s rec. Sounds realy interesting. And best of all: my library has it!!! In English!!! You see, it’s bypasses like that that allow me to keep not buying books – I find ways of getting new material here and there without spending a penny and it soothes the buying urge ;).

    But I keep the 2 K.A. books in mind for later 😉

  • Thanks Addison for the affirmation of my rating. Diving in Deep is really great as well so if you’re on the fence you might consider committing. Ms Mitchell is a terrific author.

  • I loved this one. It absolutely stands alone well, because I haven’t read the first one…yet. :)

  • Hi K.A.
    Thank you for dropping by. I hope that my review did justice to the book because I really loved it. When I read a book I look for certain markers and this one had them all, in spades!

    Mary M recommended The Dreyfus Affair because she knows I’m crazy about baseball and romantic stories about the sport. I’m always badgering M/M authors to write baseball stories :) I’ll check out The Catch Trap by Marion Zimmer Bradley on amazon – thanks for the rec.

    I try to do my bit, little as it is, to promote M/M books. I love the genre and I don’t think it gets the respect it deserves.

  • Thank you so much for saying such lovely things about my story and my characters. I really fell in love with this book, and it’s so nice to hear that other people enjoyed it. I also benefit from having a great critique group and an awesome editor.

    I do want to give Kim his own story. I’m not sure if I’ve found the right hero for him yet.

    I hope you enjoy The Dreyfus Affair. It’s one of my favorites. My all time favorite gay love story (it doesn’t quite fit the romance label) is The Catch Trap by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

    Thanks again. I appreciate you reading my work and taking the time to write about it. Our genre is lucky to have people like you who work hard at promoting it and keeping us all up-to-date on the latest stuff.

  • You can read Collision Course as a standalone but it’s more fun if you read Diving in Deep first because Noah and Cameron return in CC. If I can recommend two books to break your pledge not to buy any more books these two would be the ones.

  • *sigh* I’ve been meaning to buy Diving in deep ever since Jen raved about it on the yahoogroup an eternity or two ago. Someday I will. I’m sure Collision Course can be read as a standalone, but when there are returning characters it’s alsways funnier to read the books in order.

  • Hi Tam
    I’m so happy you agree. As you can tell I LOVED this book, not only for the sex but also for the complexity and Aaron and Joey. Now I have to review Diving in Deep which I read so long ago *g*

  • YES!!! I loved it too. It was a great story, wonderful characters, fun to see Noah and Cameron again and smokin’ hot. :-) I highly recommend it.

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