Getting Out More

getting out moreTitle: Author: B.A. Tortuga
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: 9 pages (3450 words)
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5


Rowdy really does need to get out more, but he’s not ready for his two sons to start playing matchmaker. By the time they’ve set him up with every gay man in his small Colorado town, Rowdy is ready to just relax and hang out with his old buddy Darren. Will Darren convince Rowdy that there’s a lot more to staying home than he thought, or will the two old friends stay just that? This story formerly appeared in the anthology, Fresh Starts.


Sam and Bobby were busy trying to fix up their Dad with every guy in town, hoping that he would find someone he liked since they weren’t going to be around forever, so they started  a campaign to find him a partner. Of course, first they had to be sure that the other man was also gay.:) Rowdy thought it was strange having to meet with Mr. Flice, Sam’s biology teacher at the school when there was nothing wrong with his grades; then the boys threw the resident single doctor at him, and nineteen year old Jimmy Maines, but it wasn’t until they set up a dinner date for him with Alan at the local white water rafting establishment that he realized they were matchmaking.

Rowdy and his friend Darren knew each other since they were both fifteen and they got together regularly now to watch the game over beer and chips, play a bit of scrabble, and they talked about everything going on in their lives, so when they next met Rowdy told  Darren all about his sons’ matchmaking efforts . However, Darren didn’t seem as amused as Rowdy thought he would be, in fact he was acting really strange about the whole thing … until he noticed that Darren was touching him a bit more than usual that night and seemed to be in his personal space much more than was absolutely necessary.  Although Rowdy was attracted to Darren and was dying to get his hands on him, he always thought his friend was straight and he didn’t want to ruin their friendship by coming on to him.  Was Darren trying to signal that maybe he wasn’t so straight after all?

This is an enjoyable and funny story. I like the dialogue and the prose, both of which suited these characters – slow, deliberate, and low key as well as fumbling and awkward during the initial stages of this developing new releationship. When it was clear that their feelings were mutual, the lovemaking was down to earth with no bells and whistles, but there was a feeling of coming home and finding the right place. Darren and Rowdy were two ordinary guys trying to make a living – they worked hard and used the weekends to kick back and catch up on what was going on in each other’s lives as well as watch their favourite football teams on television, nothing special. Sam and Bobby were really cute. They loved their Dad and wanted him to be happy after his divorce from their Mom when he came out.

Getting Out More is a lovely story about family as well as love and it’s a fun read when time is short.