Lollipop (Ele’s review)

lollipopTitle: Lollipop (Candy Man #3)
Author: Amy Lane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: January 25th 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance/Series
Page Count: 250
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Ezra Kellerman flew across country to see if he had another chance with the man he let slip through his fingers. He didn’t. Rico has moved on, but he doesn’t just leave his ex high and dry. Instead, Rico entrusts his family and friends with Ezra’s care. Ezra, confused, hurt, and lost, clings to Rico’s cousin and his boyfriend as the lifelines they are—but their friend Miguel is another story.

Miguel Rodriguez had great plans and ambition—but a hearty dose of real life crushed those flat. When Miguel finds himself partially in charge of the befuddled, dreamy, healing Ezra, he’s pretty resentful at first. But Ezra’s placid nature and sincere wonder at the simple life Miguel has taken for granted begin to soften Miguel’s hardened shell. Miguel starts to notice that Ezra isn’t just amazingly sweet—he’s achingly beautiful as well. Suddenly Miguel is fending off every single man on the planet to give Ezra room to get over Rico—while fighting a burning suspicion that the best thing to help Ezra get over his broken heart is Miguel.

“Yeah. You know. Uh, lollipop kisses— he’s got ’em. [Miguel]”

Darrin nodded soberly. “They don’t just taste like cherry,” he said, completely serious. “They taste like the whole rainbow.”


You know what this is? This is angst in disguise. Heartbreak served with candy and lollipops and bubble gum. You ‘re so sneaky, Amy Lane! Even your fluff makes me want to cry. But it hurts soooo good!

So, yes, my heart broke a little while reading this book.

For Ezra. Who came back to Rico, but Rico was taken. Who tore his old life apart with his bare hands (literally). Who may have money in the bank, but is happier to crash on Adam and Finn’s couch, with Jake, the cat, on his chest, and work a job at Candy Heaven for a big rainbow Lollipop as a reward.

And for Miguel. Because he failed to see how magnificent he is. Because he thought he was invisible, nobody’s person and the least favorite puppy. Until Ezra.

Because Ezra remembered his name.

It takes a while for Ezra and Miguel to come together. Because they became friends first, and then fall in love with each other, and then had sex. And we get to watch all this happening, step by step. I loved that.

So yes, there is a lot of slow burn, but this isn’t all there is. It is Ezra finding a family, friends and a home. It is a road trip to Disneyland and finding out how awsome it is to wear shorts and T-shirts.

But when they came together….BOOM!

lollipop 2

Fireworks and magic. And so much sweetness. And let me tell you, Miguel gets all possessive and jealous and MINE, MINE, MINE like nobody’s business…

““Only me,” he [Miguel] muttered. “All these men trying to get you to flirt, to smile, to take off your clothes— only me, you understand?”

Oh hell yes, papi….we understand.

I literally forgot to breath during the sex scenes. Every one of them means something and is an integral part of the narration.

“This time Ezra kept his eyes open the entire time, locked on Miguel’s, until they both had to close them, trapping the moment for all time, this heartbeat of being inside each other, their bodies as locked as their hearts.”

This was my favorite book in the series and I highly recommend it.

And don’t go thinking that it’s all over, because it’s not. Candy Heaven will be back, and I have to admit that never in a million years would I have guessed who the MC will be.

The Candy Man Series

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