Where There’s a Will… by BA Tortuga

Author: BA Tortuga
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: Novella (83 PDF pages)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Lily

Review Summary

The story of former friends reconnecting after the death of their shared best friend.


Toby and Keagan have nothing in common. Nothing but their love for their old friend, Reggie, who has just died from terminal cancer. What they’re not prepared for is the stipulations of Reggie’s will, requiring that the two of them spend time together. A lot of time. Close together.

Neither of them can resist the last wish of their best childhood friend, so Keagan and Toby settle in for a year of hating each other at close range. Their animosity seems to know no bounds to begin with, but everyone knows that the only thing that kind of passionate hate can spring from is love. Can Toby and Keagan learn to go beyond their past and get to know each other all over again?


Toby, Keagan and Reggie were best friends in college until Toby and Keagan had a falling out. Since then they’ve maintained their friendship with Reggie but not with each other. When Reggie dies they’re both devastated and then angry when they hear the terms of his will. Brought together in their desire to live up to Reggie’s wishes they move into his home together but neither man takes it well. Toby goes on somewhat of a binge and ends up hurting himself. When Keagan offers his help and they take the time to talk things through the reason for their lost friendship comes out. Will they finally find their way back to each or is it too late for them?

This story was a mixed read for me. The beginning scenes with Toby and Reggie are really nice but when the story shifts to Toby and Keagan I just wasn’t able to warm up to them. Toby especially didn’t endear himself to me for some reason although I could understand the grief fueling his somewhat destructive attitude. The reason for their loss of friendship, the Big Misunderstanding in the story, isn’t explained until much later on in the story but once the ‘BM’ is revealed it’s quickly resolved and the story ends on a happy note.

Where There’s a Will… is trademark BA Tortuga. The writing is solid, there’s a lot of emotion, both good and bad, in the story and even though it failed to really hook me in it was overall a nice read. I’m sure fans of the author will enjoy it.


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