The Millionaire Upstairs (Jaime’s Review)

Title: The Millionaire Upstairs
Series: Dreamspun Desires #1
Author: M.J. O’Shea
Release Date: 1/1/2016
Genre(s): M/M; Romance; Office Relationship; Slow Burn
Page Count: 198
Reviewed by: Jaime
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

He might be hard to work for, but he’s impossible to resist.

Sasha Sobieski has the perfect job working at legendary American fashion house Harrison Kingsley—or at least he used to. He just never thought he’d have to work for Harrison Kingsley himself. Harrison is exacting, difficult, cold, and hands-down the sexiest man Sasha has ever seen.

After years at the top, Harrison Kingsley knows what he wants, when he wants it, and exactly how he’d like it to be delivered to him. What he wants most right now? His new assistant. Sasha is mouthy, opinionated, and he drives Harrison mad. Problem is, Harrison can never tell if it’s with anger… or desire.

This is book 1 in Dreamspinner Press’s new Dreamspun Desires Collection

Dreamspun Desires are contemporary category romance novels, complete with your favorite heartwarming heroes, captivating plots, and exotic settings. These titles are all about happily ever afters that leave you with a satisfied smile for days.

This was a feel good read with a huge slow burn. Sasha is new to the world of Fashion and lands an excellent job at a top fashion designers firm, Harrison Kingsley. Harrison Kinglsey is named after designer, Harrison Kinglsey and is run by the designer and his sister Joanne Kingsley. Harrison is known to be aloof, moody, egocentric, and sometimes just flat out rude..however, his behaviors are mostly overlooked and accepted due to his influence on fashion. Sasha is so excited to have landed a job with the firm, even if it’s with Joanne Kingsley.

Two years pass…

Joanne is leaving for maternity leave and she decided in her absence that Sasha can….yep you guessed it, work with Harrison. Did I forget to mention that both if these men are very attracted to each other? Now Joanne is ordering Sasha to go an live in the Hampton’s all summer. Live at Kingsley Court, where Harrison lives, to help get the resort wear fashion ready for resort season. So Sasha and Lancelot move from their little apartment in NYC to the spacious and regal Kingsley Court in The Hampton’s and the fun begins!

As Harrison and Sasha start spending more time together there is more than one feeling floating between the men, including lust, attraction, bewilderment, and a little irritation. However, Sasha is now unable to hide from nor deny his attraction towards Harrison and to his surprise Sasha is finding out that Harrison might feel something for Sasha.

The slow burn continues..a kiss is shared…


…then it all falls apart as Sasha overhears Harrison on the phone shattering the budding feelings and his heart.

Sasha relegates himself to being just an employee and things cool down at Kingsley’s Court. However, our author has promised a happily ever after .. But how is she going to get these two men there? Let me tell you there is a trip to Milan, the help of Lancelot, A party in white, and a couple more misunderstandings that these poor MC are put through.

Things I loved:
Overall, I think the author does a wonderful job of character development, of creating the slow burn, of setting the stage for the office romance, and of fully resolving the conflict. I enjoyed watching the softer side of Harrison Kingsley come to light and watch as he let his walls down, learning and accepting love from Sasha. I loved little Lancelot!

Things I didn’t like:
I would have loved to have maybe another chapter at the end..I am greedy after all and I like to see my characters living their happily ever after. So far the books in this “Dreamspun Desires” by Dreamspinner are shorter books, there isn’t a lot of bedroom scenes or heat between the MC, and we don’t get to see much of the happily ever after.

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