Shifting Gears (Jaime’s Review)

Shifting Gears
Title: Shifting Gears
Author: Riley Hart
Series: Crossroads, #2
Publisher: Self-Published
Reviewer: Jaime
Release Date: 2/10/2016
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary
Page Count: 280
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5
Blurb:A Gay Book Reviews 5+ star read!

Rod Nelson is used to being someone’s good time, and that’s fine with him. Spending his days at his adult toy store, Rods-N-Ends, he never knows who he’ll meet. The second Landon Harrison walks in, he has Rod’s full attention. It seems as if Landon wants him too, so why won’t the man jump in the sack with him already?

Landon never thought he’d return home to the town where memories lurk around every corner. He has to admit, Rod makes the adjustment a lot easier. He keeps Landon laughing. Despite the fierce attraction between them, he’s not willing to risk his newfound friendship to get laid.

Neither man wants something serious, but the more they’re together, the harder it is to keep their hands to themselves, until eventually they stop trying.

But flings between friends are never simple, and as they attempt to shift gears, diving into their first relationship, they’re slammed with setbacks. If they want to truly move forward, before they hit the open road together, they’re going to have to let go of a past that could make them crash and burn.

5+ Stars!! I F.Loved This Book!!

This is book two in the Crossroads series, and Riley Hart has written a brilliant book! This book has everything, two amazing MC, lots of chemistry, motorcycles, hot as hell sex, dirty talking, comedy, a very hot slow-burn, and supporting characters that we already love! What more could you want? This series is a must read for all! Rod Nelson, he is the life of the party always has a joke and isn’t afraid to have a good time, he isn’t looking for love only a good time and he has no trouble finding that. Something changes when Landon Harrison visits his adult toy store, for the third time in as many weeks looking for his favorite lube, Easy-Ride. Yes, he can admit he wants Landon.. and he wants him badly!

Landon, having just moved back home for his sisters wedding now finds himself living with his mom again after years of living on his own, this is an adjustment to say the least. Landon finds himself visiting Rods-and-Ends on a weekly basis, he finds himself drawn to the witty man who works behind the counter. Landon makes no apologies for his healthy sex-drive, he enjoys both males and females – but as he continues to get to know Rod he finds that he is enjoying their friendship so much he is afraid to let it progress to something more – he doesn’t want to lose Rod.

As the sexual tension keeps building and these two MC become inseparable, they find they have a lot more in common besides wanting to jump each other. Landon and Rod both come to depend on each other and help each other out, such as Rod hooking Landon up with a connection to Bryce who is looking for a motorcycle mechanic and then Landon volunteering to teach Rod how to ride a motorcycle.. they really do become friends-before-lovers. This is not for all of Rod’s trying to get them to sleep together, as he so eloquently puts it.. if they would just get it out of their system then they could be “just friends” — but life never works out that way, does it?

When Landon finally gives in to Rod after fending him off for a while… these two are explosive!!


But what happens after they have sex? Will Landon now walk away? He has admitted he never stays friends with people he sleeps with? What about Rod, can he deal with yet another person turning their back on him? You will just have to get this book and find out.. and let me tell you it’s an amazing ride!! So hang on… and come “Shift Gears” with Landon and Rod while Riley Hart keeps your heart racing to the ending!!


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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of provided by Riley Hart in exchange of an honest review.

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