Title: Ravenous
Author: Alexandra Blunt
Publisher: Loose-ID
Release Date: March 7, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary/BDSM
Page Count:
Reviewed by: Gigi
Heat Level: # flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Just when Julian Schwarzenberg accepted that discarding his kinkster skin might be for the best, a call from the owner of one of London’s BDSM clubs rekindles his need to have someone to call his own; to dominate and nurture to his heart’s content. Julian was hurt in the past, and he’s reluctant to accept a mystery invitation that could very well lead to a massive case of heartache. And to welcome Christopher into his life might just be Julian’s undoing.

Christopher’s life is like a permanent construction site: unstable and filled to the brim with flakes of emotional plaster. His eating disorder is consuming him from within, and his quest for Dominant Mr. Right–the one thing keeping him going–is a mirage akin to finding water on Mars. But fate finally delivers one effective punch–a smokingly hot Dom who is on the hunt for Submissive Mr. Right. Love may be waiting for Julian and Chris, but it will require them to take a leap of faith. They might just be willing, because they’re both Ravenous.

Ravenous is a BDSM romance by first-time author Alexandra Blunt. While this was better than most books I’ve read by first-time authors, it didn’t “wow” me.

Julian is a Dom and successful lawyer who left the BDSM world 6 months ago after feeling like something was missing in his life. He was ready for a sub to love, not just dominate.

Christopher is a sub and college student who was recently kicked out of his home by his homophobic, drug addicted brother. He is lost and alone and suffers from anorexia. (It should be noted to those that are irritated when BDSM books treat the practice of BDSM as psychotherapy for a damaged person’s psyche that Chris does get professional help for his eating disorder. His Dom didn’t try to “fix” him by dominating him.)

Right off the bat, Julian is convinced to take Christopher in as a tenant after meeting his for the first time. A bit unrealistic, but just go with it. I did like that the book didn’t dawdle, instead getting right to the meat and potatoes of the story.

Eventually Julian and Christopher agree to try a 4 month BDSM contract. A slow burn to BDSM/sex and romance begins.

I enjoyed the first 60% of the book quite a lot, but after about the 65% point, the book fell into the stereotypical Dom/sub relationship that irritates me. Christopher is a “brat” and needs to be punished, public scenes at a club, other Doms laughing at their bratty subs that need to be put in their place, subs that meet with other subs to talk about their Doms in a love-sick puppy way. Julian treated Christopher like a child, not a sub. There is a big difference in my eyes, and that just is NOT my kink. Also, the descriptions for the penis got a little too much for me, “love tool” and “ripe” for example.


This is a classic case of “It’s not the book, it’s me.” I am super, super picky about my BDSM but I am quite certain many people will like this. This was more of a KC Wells/Sean Michael BDSM as opposed Jane Davitt/Lynn Kelling BDSM. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, just my personal preference.

A lot of people will like this one, especially fans of KC Wells’s Collars and Cuffs series and Sean Michael’s Hammer series. Those that need D/s on a more equal level like AJ Rose’s Power Exchange series or Lynn Kelling’s The Manse series should skip Ravenous.

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