The Only Option by Megan Derr

29541892Title: The Only Option
Author: Megan Derr
Publisher: Omnilit/All Romance eBooks, LLC
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Genre(s): M/M Fantasy
Page Length: 89 pages
Reviewed by: Renée
Heat Level:  4 flames out of 5
Rating:  4.3 stars out of 5

A desperate dragon. A lonely necromancer. A marriage neither wants.

When he is summoned to the royal castle, Rochus anticipates nothing more than a particularly difficult assignment. The bothersome journey is almost made worthwhile when he is propositioned by a young, beautiful dragon, Tilo, who seems untroubled by the fact that Rochus is a necromancer.

When Rochus arrives at the castle he is ordered to marry the very same dragon he spent the night with. Though Rochus would rather sign papers and return home, he is helpless against Tilo’s pleas for help, even if it means spending more time around a man he is desperately drawn to but who doesn’t seem to want him.

This just hit my buttons! It’s my favorite Megan Derr novella! Rochus and Tilo were so much fun together.

Rochus is a rare necromancer. He is used to being shunned for his “differences.” He is summoned to the Queen’s castle, but on his last night at an inn on the way, he is picked up by a beautiful young dragon who’s half his age. Rochus can’t put up much of a fight, especially since he doesn’t exactly have the boys beating down his door. He scares most people. After a sizzling night in his inn room, with multiple rounds (very nice, Ms. Derr), he wakes alone and heads the rest of the way to the royal castle.

Once there, he’s told by the Queen that he must marry to help her pay a debt to a neighboring Lord. And the person he’s to marry is the beautiful, young dragon from the night before. All of his elation from finally being chosen, even for one night, evaporates because he knows it was all part of the ploy to marry a necromancer because Tilo NEEDS the services of a necromancer, not because he was attracted to Rochus, himself.

This was a fun, sexy read. The reasons for Tilo needing the help of a necromancer are revealed, and we get to see the fantasy part of the story play out.

The most fun, of course, were the newlyweds dancing around each other. Rochus can’t trust because he’s been burned and used too many times. But Tilo isn’t all that he seems. He eventually barrels through the walls that Rochus has constructed around himself and his heart. The end chapters were to die for – the courting! I swooned a bit – okay maybe a lot!

I would definitely recommend this to fantasy mm readers. And Derr brought out the smexy times, too, which doesn’t always happen, but it should cuz the woman can write some damn good scenes!

**I always notice when kissing scenes are really well played out. The kissing scenes, alone, would’ve sold me on this story. Icing on the cake that I got multiple smexy times too.


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