The Devil’s Ride: Coffin Nails MC (Sex & Mayhem #2)

The Devil's Ride
Title: Road of No Return: The Devil’s Ride: Coffin Nails MC (Sex & Mayhem #2)
Author: K.A. Merikan
Publisher: Acerbi & Villani ltd.
Release Date: December 5th 2014
Genre(s): Contemporary, Dark romance
Page Count: 364
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5+ stars out of 5
Blurb:A Gay Book Reviews 5+ star read!

You don’t fuck with the club president’s son.

Tooth. Vice President of the Coffin Nails Motorcycle Club. On a neverending quest for vengeance. The last thing he needs is becoming a permanent babysitter for a male hooker.

Lucifer. Fallen. Lost. Alone.

After a childhood filled with neglect and abuse, followed by his mother’s suicide, Lucifer set out into the world alone. There was nothing for him out there other than taking it one day at a time. As the bastard son of the Coffin Nails club president, Lucifer never got much fatherly love. So when the Nails show up at the strip joint Lucifer works in, the last thing he expects is to be put in the custody of Tooth, the Nails Vice President famous for his gruesome interrogation techniques. The man proves to be the sexiest beast Lucifer has ever met. He’s also older, straight, and an itch Luci can’t ever scratch.

Tooth’s life came to a halt twelve years ago. His lover got brutally murdered, police never found the perpetrators, and all leads were dead ends. To find peace and his own justice, Tooth joined the Coffin Nails, but years on, he’s gotten nowhere with the case, yet still lives on with the burning fire for revenge.

Babysitting a deeply scarred teenager with a talent for disappearing is the last thing on his bucket list. He promised himself to never get attached to someone like him again. To make sure the openly gay boy is safe in the clubhouse, Tooth is stuck keeping an eye on him. The big, blue, attention seeking gaze is drawing Tooth in, but fucking the president’s son is a complete no-go, even when both their feelings go beyond lust.

What Tooth doesn’t know is that Lucifer might hold the key to the closure Tooth so desperately needs.

WARNING Contains adult content: a gritty storyline, sex, explicit language, violence and abuse. Inappropriate use of dental tools and milk.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS: Themes: Prostitution, Outlaw Motorcycle Club, organized crime, homophobia, family issues, coming out, discipline/punishment, organ snatching, hurt-comfort, age gap

Genre: contemporary gay erotic dark romance

Length: ~125,000 words


I read this book when it first came out. It was one wild ride, and two years later, I can safely say it’s the wildest I ‘ve ever been on. Not just because of the action; that’s only a small part, considering the length of the book. But because of the unforgettable characters, and the fact that it touched so many issues in a way that offers redemption: The family we were born into but let us down, and the one we chose for ourselves later on. The loves that we lost and almost broke us, and the newfound ones that brought us home. And revenge, which doesn’t make us feel any better, most times. Oh, but sometimes it does!


To this day, and after having read all books in the Sex & Mayhem series , I’m pretty sure that Luci, aka Lucky is my favorite character ever. He steals the spotlight every time, not just in this story, but in every book he happens to make a cameo appearance in. Luci is the bastard son of the Coffin Nails club president, but has nothing to do with the club. He’s actuallly all alone after his mother’s death. That’s about to change.

Luci is such a brat! With his long, blond hair and extra tight jeans, he’s a walking temptation. He’s sassy and fiesty, with a unique, deadpan humor and happy-go-lucky attitude. But on the inside he’s hurt and alone. The way he craved his father’s love and approval kicked me in the gut. Nobody gets him. Except his new baby sitter!


Before Tooth became VP of the Coffin Nails MC, he was just Jason. Jason might have been able to move on from his horrible past, but he never forgot. And he’s always on the lookout for revenge. And now he has to babysit the Club president’s son, who turns out to be big pain in the ass. Tooth offers a calm presence and has a quiet strength. He’s also a big, scary motherfucker when pissed!

The burn in this story is slooooow…There is actually no sex at all until 60% (spanking scenes not withstanding!). But the authors use this time wisely. There is a bond building between the MCs, and an undeniable chemistry. Luci gets to know his siblings and tries to be a part of a “family” for the first time. But when he finally gets together with Tooth, there are fireworks!

This is not a brutal book, compared to some of the other books in the series. There is some violence, but not too much, and definately NOT between the MCs (spanking scenes not withstanding!). Keep in mind, though, that this is a MC setting. A real one! There are guns, death, and grief. Is it necessary? Like in the first book, I believe there’s absolutely no way to answer this. It is bikers world and shit like that happens.

I ‘ve said it before, nobody writes action scenes like The Merikans. Here the action scene in the morgue, is one of my favorites. Just thinking about Tooth and Ghost looking at each other under that table….serious goosebumps people.

What I’m trying to say, in not so few words, is that this story ticked every one of my boxes. It’s one of my all time favorite MM books, and needless to say, I very highly recommend it!

Sex & Mayhem Series

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