The Brothers Dim

10093240Title: The Brothers Dim
Author: Kris Klein
Publisher: Excessia
Genre: Contemporary M/M/M
Length: Story (11,351 words)
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

A guest review by Leslie


Mark, at thirty-three, is over the whole finding-sex-online thing-until he comes up with a posting that turns into the ultimate lure for finding straight men that can be talked into some gay sex. An ad on Craigslist nets him a slew of replies, particularly in two prospective young bunkmates, Kyle and Chuck-who, at twenty-one and nineteen respectively, have a lot more in common than Mark could ever realize. Planning them for back-to-back head sessions (Mark shares with NO ONE), when Kyle arrives late and Chuck shows up only minutes later, Mark concocts a last-minute scheme to try and work a sizzling threesome with the two straight guys—with himself as the star—and his sexual appetite is only made more ravenous when he learns that, quite by accident, he’s now standing in his bedroom with a pair of brothers. The only question now is, just how far can he get these boys to go…not only with another guy, as advertised…

But good God, maybe even with each other?


I have no idea how I stumbled across this story. I was clicking this link and that and suddenly it popped up. I sort of liked the look of the guy’s butt and thighs on the cover—even if I did think he was sitting on the toilet (he’s not)—so I decided to download it for a lunchtime read.

The blurb above pretty much nails it. Mark is new to Phoenix, a little bit lonely and a lot horny and looking for some companionship of the male variety. He’s gay but he believes that all gay men are into commitments and relationships. When his objective is to get laid, he seeks out straight guys, both single and married. No strings, no questions, just wham-bam and thank you, the way Mark likes it.

He posts a big fat lie on Craigslist—otherwise known as an ad—which is effective in its creativity: he very quickly receives dozens of replies. He sets up back-to-back dates with Kyle then Chuck and eagerly waits for them to arrive. Kyle gets there first—late—but he and Mark don’t waste any time getting it on. In the midst of a very toothy blowjob, Chuck rings the doorbell. All of a sudden for Mark: surprise, surprise.

As you can imagine, given the premise, the story is mostly sex. But it is written from Mark’s first person POV and he’s a funny, if slightly crude, narrator—poking fun at himself with his theories, expounding on why straight guys like to have sex with gay guys and why he likes to have sex with them, too. Once the boys are in his apartment, the story becomes a running commentary on his experiences with Kyle, their threesome, and then Chuck alone after Kyle has to leave. Mark is a know-it-all but he does get one last surprise, which made for a fun ending and pointed out to Mark that maybe all of his “theories” don’t hold up in the face of the truth.

All in all, not a bad little story. If you are looking for character development and plot, probably you should pass this one by. On the other hand, if you are looking for a short, fast read with raunchy humor and lots of sex, this story will definitely fit the bill.

5 years 11 months ago

Appreciate the kind comments. I do have stories that take more time with the characters and a romantic plotline … but this was one I wanted to keep a bit “raw” and I think it came out okay.

GREAT site, by the way; love the eye candy everywhere.


6 years 14 days ago

I stumbled onto this one as well, and think your review nails it. It was a fun light read.

6 years 14 days ago

Great review, Leslie.

This sounds like the sort of thing I’d pick up if I wanted something light and sexy for reading in a spare half hour.

6 years 15 days ago

This might have potential. I did kind of read something by this author (I think) in an anthology (I didn’t finish the anthology so I can’t say for certain I hit this author’s story) but it seems kind of a light read when you need something to let your brain relax. I’ll keep it in mind.

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