The Professor and the Smuggler

the professor and the snuggler
Title: The Professor and the Smuggler
Author: Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon
Publisher: Duet Publishing
Release Date: January 2nd 2016
Genre(s): Historical
Page Count: 222
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.7 stars out of 5

A grumpy smuggler meets a bumbling professor and treasure is found.

An explorer at heart, former university professor Phillip Singleton’s adventures have only taken place in his imagination—until recently. Exploring the Cornish coast to research a travel book, he encounters a living example of a pirate archetype. Dark-haired, black-bearded Carne Treleaven might have been hewn from the very rock his name describes, and Phillip is eager to discover more.

Carne has little patience for the awkward, dreamy professor, an outsider who must be steered away from local secrets. He agrees to serve as a guide to seaside caves where smugglers once operated only to keep Phillip away from more recent activity.

As personalities clash, secrets unfold, and riches are revealed, the two polar opposites find the point where their similarities lay. Carne’s old beliefs are shattered by his attraction to a man and he must decide if he’s willing to take a huge step outside his familiar life and into a brand new world.

This was another lovely historical from Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon.

One one hand, this book felt familiar and heart warming, just like what I’m used to from this writing duo; the characters are diametrically opposed, the story is not overridden with angst, although the era provides plenty, and the ending is true to the time period.

But what made this one exciting, was the setting.


Professor Phillip Singleton arrives at the The Cornish coast of England, to explore the area and its history, and take photos for the travel book he’s in the process of writing. That’s where he meets Carne Treleaven, a broody, local fisherman. What Phillip doesn’t know is that Carne isn’t really a fisherman; he’s a smuggler.

To quote the author, “The Cornish coast of England was legendary for being a landing spot for tax-free booty from overseas, particularly during Napoleonic times but well beyond too.” This place and its residents have secrets and Carne must steer Phillip away from them. That’s why he accepts to serve as his travel guide.

I really loved the Professor. He’s such an open hearted, babbling person. And he’s totally uninhibited in bed and the only one who can make Carne blush!

My only complaint is that I would have liked to see more relationship development. There is some steam and romantic moments, but sometimes I fet that the mystery/action subplot took too much space.

The epilogue is delightful and so very fitting for Carne.

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