Finding North

finding north
Title: Finding North
Author: Carmen Jenner
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: February 25, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary Erotica
Page Count: 203 pages
Reviewed by: Lili
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Red Maine’s blue-collared bad boy, North Underwood, has a dirty little secret—Will Tanner.

Friends since kindergarten, North had been the one to jump first, and his fall into Will’s bed ten years ago had been no exception. Will and North had been inseparable, but things change, people grow apart, and even a blazing flame can dwindle to a dying ember over time.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

After a run in with a bottle of Bundy rum, Will and North find themselves in a compromising and all too familiar position.

Blurred lines, bad decisions, and one wrong foot after another lead these two down a spiral of sarcasm, secrets, and sex, but when North’s hetero status is called into question he can’t figure up from down. And despite Will telling himself he wouldn’t fall again, he’s head over heels and wandering without a compass.

Love is love.

Love is truth.

Love … shouldn’t be this damn hard to figure out.


As soon as Finding North popped up on my GoodReads feed I wanted to read it. The cover instantly attracted me and then the blurb finished hooking me.

Best friends to lovers + second chance romance= hell yeah!

As the blurb tells us, Will and North’s friendship turned into a relationship, but their relationship ends suddenly when North turned on Will as many in their town had for being gay. They still saw each other in their day to day lives but are nothing more than bartender and patron. As time passed though it became harder and harder for them to fight their feelings for one another.

My highlights:

    *Will and North. They were great main characters. They were raw, flawed, and passionate. How could you not fall in love with these guys and root for them?
    *This book was angsty but not overwhelmingly so.
    *The book had a quick, easy pace, and the story kept you engaged so you won’t want to put it down.
    *The steam is off the charts hot!
    *The story is told from a dual POV.
    *And the end was great. I was left emotionally satisfied and believed in their HEA.

But I do have one big complaint- . The first half of this book was fantastic. It was the perfect balance of angst and heat. But the second half doesn’t grow or progress as well as the first half. Their dialogue and actions became repetitive. They hook up; they fall asleep, they wake up, fight. And repeat. I would’ve loved to see them happy and interacting outside of the bedroom. I knew their chemistry in the bedroom was smutastic, but I wanted to see more. I wanted to see them grow together as a couple. Don’t get me wrong, though, despite this, it was still a great read. I literally couldn’t stop reading it.

All in all, I’d say this was an entertaining read and recommend it. I think this was a crossover success for Ms. Jenner, and I can’t wait to read more M/M Romance from her. 4 Stars.


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ARC kindly provided by Carmen Jenner to Gay Book Reviews for an honest review.

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2 days 8 hours ago

Goddamn, woman! I LOVE your graphics about this one. They make me want to read the book without even having read the blurb!

1 day 18 hours ago

Absolutely!! They rock!

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