Succumbing to His Fear (Dyllan’s review)

Title: Succumbing to His Fear
Author: River Mitchell
Publisher: Via Star Wings Books
Release Date: February 12, 2016
Genre(s): Gay Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 185
Reviewed by: Dyllan
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

When a life changing event not only has Alfie becoming the guardian to two little people it leads him to discover that everything he thought he knew about himself, was not only wrong but catastrophically wrong. All it took was a chance meeting and a drunken night to turn his world upside down. Fear wasn’t looking for anyone, content to stick with his routine hook ups and one night stands. Purposely keeping people at arms-length and never letting anyone close enough for them to matter all gets forgotten when he meets Alfie and his family. While struggling to maintain all the aspects of his life, the arrival of an unknown element determined to destroy him and his knew found chance at happiness throws everything into turmoil. Will they be able to survive the pain and destruction going on around them, or is the unknown force going to succeed. The only thing for certain is that Fear will not stop fighting for those he loves and that quickly has come to include Alfie and his family.

ALFIE: Alfie is a 24 year old English guy, who just discovered he’s the guardian to two kids. A brother and a sister he never even met.

FEAR: An American, he’s the owner of a tattoo parlor with his friends and sister.

Since the age of 5, Alfie’s father was very absent, and fast forward nineteen years, he and his wife die from a car crash, leaving Alfie as the sole guardian for his children.

Even though Alfie could just refuse and let the children go to foster care, he just can’t seem to do it. So he begins his journey of moving to USA, and getting his life thrown upside down.

Fear is a bear of a man. Tall, muscled and heavily tattooed he fits in more with a bike gang than a guy with kids.

When they first met, a misunderstanding sends Alfie running through the door in anger. Another chance meeting and Fear has the opportunity to set everything straight with the guy. They strike a friendship, and Fear reckons that he needs Alfie in his life even if he’s only a friend. They relationship soon starts to seem like something else, but that’s not possible since Alfie is straight. Or so he thinks.

Alfie is open-minded and don’t sweat much over the fact that he’s lusting for another guy.

When they both think they could make a go at the relationship thing slowly, and on baby steps, the rug is pulled from under them.

A murder then takes place, and it involves all of them. The murderer has his sight on Fear and Alfie for some reason. His mission is to destroy them and make them suffer. Tables are turned, and they don’t know who the good and bad guys are. They can only rely on family and friends for help and the killer might be closer than they can imagine.

Only staying together they will be able to overcome the tragedies that upended their lives.

Succumbing to his Fear was a really nice surprise for me, since the author managed to fit a little bit of everything I like in a book: Romance, suspense, love, sex and another yummy things. I was taken aback at first since it was 1st person POV, which I don’t like much, but as the story flowed I didn’t even notice.

I laughed out loud in many parts of this book. The author managed to create GREAT characters. Besides the main couple, Sheridan, Alfie’s mom was my favorite.

Kudos to River Mitchell, what a great way to pop a cherry. Can’t wait to read more from this author. I am not so secretly hoping this is a series, so I can get some more of these amazing fellas!

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Advanced Review Copy

ARC of by Via Star Wings Publishing in exchange of an honest review.


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1 month 5 days ago

Great review! This sounds good. LOL…I think it’s a vest and the guy tries to take it off.

1 month 7 days ago

Welcome Dyllan! Kick-ass job on your first review. You sold me on this one! (Well, you and the cover that is…) *fans self*

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