Body Rocks (Off Beat #1)

Body Rocks AM Arthur

Title: Body Rocks (Off Beat #1)
Author: A.M. Arthur
Publisher: SMP Swerve
Release Date: June 28, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 300
Reviewed by: Crabbypatty
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Everything is finally falling into place for Trey Cooper: his band has been accepted into one of the biggest music competitions in the country…too bad their drummer just quit to play with XYZ, their biggest rival. When Trey has a mind-blowingly hot hookup with a mysterious violinist, Trey definitely plans to see him again – just not on stage as a member XYZ.

Dominic Bounds’ time to make his musical dreams come true is running out. If something doesn’t happen fast, he has to head home to find a real job. This competition is his last chance, and Dom needs to come out on top – but he never expected to fall for his rival. As Dom and Trey risk everything to begin a secret affair, there’s no denying their chemistry is off the charts – but could their band rivalry turn their romance into a one-hit wonder?

Body Rocks is the first book in A.M. Arthur’s new series “Off Beat”, published by Swerve, the digital imprint of St. Martin’s Press. And it is a great introduction to the world of indie rock and the members of two bands – Fading Daze (Trey, Bobby, Danielle and Andy) and XYZ (Lincoln, Benji, Dominic and Tyson).

Friday Guys (10) When Trey meets Dominic at an open-mike night at a local bar, sparks fly, neutrons sizzle, body parts tingle and oooh sweet jesus, explode. Yeah, no lack of chemistry at all between Trey and Dom. Dominic is a lean copper-skinned god of a man with dark hair and eyes fit in a slim pair of black jeans, Friday Guys (13) while Trey has guylined green eyes dark hair and gorgeous cheekbones with a voice like Bruno Mars and James Blunt’s love child.

With the Unbound music festival/competition only three weeks away (picture Coachella with a side of American Idol) and a $100,000 recording contract on the line, Trey and Dom try to keep their relationship under wraps. Sure, there are some misunderstandings and miscommunication along the way, but Dom and Trey work through them and are willing to lay their souls bare as they each disclose issues from their past. The pace of the story is quick, with band in-fighting, the Unbound competition, meeting Dom’s family and dealing with a family crisis, and a car accident that changes everything.

Body Rocks keeps the tension going until the end, giving us a perfect ending for Trey and Dom’s story, while providing a fascinating glimpse into Lincoln, whose story is told in Steady Stroke, the upcoming second book in the Off Beat series. Body Rocks is a solid beginning to A.M. Arthur’s latest series.

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