Astronomical (Andrea’s Review)

Author: Silvia Violet
Cover Artist: Reese Donte
Buy Link: Astronomical
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance
Length: 141 pages/26883 words
Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

A Guest Review by Andrea

Review Summary: Good for a little humor, a sweet romance and some sexy encounters but overall it’s average and forgettable.

Blurb:  A hot, kilt-wearing astronomy geek with a powerful telescope. A tongue-tied librarian who likes his orderly life. Where will their attraction lead them?

When sexy, kilt-wearing astronomy professor Greg MacIntyre moves in next door, Blake Theriot knows he’s in trouble. Blake is a research librarian, and he likes things orderly and controlled. But in his secret fantasies, he craves a big, powerful man like Greg to stir up his life.  Every time Blake tries to talk to his erudite neighbor, his brain shuts down and his vocabulary is reduced to one-word utterances, but when Blake’s niece challenges him to invite Greg to dinner, he does. A few shots of after-dinner whiskey loosen Blake’s inhibitions, and the two men share a hot kiss and the promise of more. Can Blake relax enough to give himself a chance with Greg, or will his fear of letting go ruin his hopes for love?
CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains mild power play.

Blake can’t seem to stop himself from fantasizing about his hot new neighbor and I can see why, Greg is not what I expect when I think of an astronomy professor. He’s a nice guy, he’s sexy and he has a tendency to work around his house in a kilt. On the other hand, Blake is exactly what I expect when I think of a research librarian. He’s shy, awkward and cute but not so hot. That leads to a lot of embarrassing situations for Blake which I found humorous.

I would classify this book as a sweet romance with a few scenes which will definitely raise the heat level but there’s not much more to it than that. Blake and Greg were entertaining but I couldn’t connect with them. They weren’t fully developed so I didn’t find them believable. Blake also had a 9 year old niece he was constantly babysitting. She was extremely mature and took an abnormal interest in her uncle’s love life. She felt like an adult thrown into the body of a 9 year old, it was just odd. Her character bothered me.

The good parts of this book are the sweet but hot romance and the embarrassing situations. The kilt led to some sexy fun when Blake got the nerve to make his move. The D/s play was mild and I loved how the author used it as a tool to develop the relationship. The awkwardness of Blake was funny, not laugh out loud funny, but enough to make me cringe and smile. Other than that, it was a good but forgettable story.

3 years 8 months ago

Oy, I was a little confused by the same covers on yours and Larissa’s reviews :). Thanks for saving me some money Andrea :)

3 years 8 months ago

Yeah, good to know at least one person benefited from my review :)

3 years 8 months ago

Hi Andrea, I am sure you know that, but just in case you don’t, take a look at number of hits – all those people read your review and I am sure benefitted from it :). I am only mentioning it because I know that the absence of comments could get discouraging sometimes otherwise, but when I see that 200 or 300 people read my review and only one person or nobody commented, I don’t get discouraged. :)

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