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I’m Remmy Duchene and I’m here to talk about my newest release Country Soul at Dreamspinner Press. For those who follow me you might remember this book was previously released. It has been extensively rewritten and the lovely guys at DSP has edited it within an inch of its beautiful life so you can have an amazing tale to read.

country soul
Title: Country Soul
Author: Remmy Duchene
Edition: Second Edition
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: February 17, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 113 pages
Reviewed by: Lili

Jackson Rawlings loves music; in fact, making music has been something he’s always wanted to do. After his confession to homosexuality, his record label forced him out and after his latest world tour, he decided to give it all up. It breaks his heart to think of never doing music again but he just feels so broken.

Marques Lopez is a music exec who knows a good thing and a good man when he hears and sees them; and boy is Jackson Rawlings a good thing. But how is he supposed to put Jackson together again when he’s been broken so many times?


“And it’s not, not really.” Chad cleared his throat. “Some people see it as this thing that shouldn’t be mentioned. They assume everyone is as stupid and as dogmatic as they are—that people can’t see through the blinders being thrown up. They don’t get it, JR. Music is music. Music doesn’t see color or race or sexuality. It doesn’t matter who the tune is coming from. If it’s good, who cares? Do you honestly think your die-hard fans give a damn who you sleep with? They were at your concerts all summer long, weren’t they? Even after you came out, and it was national—hell, international news. Give them more credit.”

Jackson remained silent. He closed his eyes, feeling the beginnings of a migraine slowly creeping in on him. In some instances Chad was right. Some people couldn’t care less. If the music was good, they were happy. But there were the few who wanted to boycott him because of who he slept with. How was that any of their business?

He looked at Chad and smiled. “I don’t know if I’ve ever said it, but you have been my spine in all of this. If I haven’t told you how grateful I am before now, I’m sorry. Thank you.”
A frown creased Chad’s face, darkening his brown eyes and wrinkling his forehead. “That’s the crap that pisses me off.”


“No! Don’t talk like this shit’s over.”

“We don’t know that. Do you seriously think any label wants the drama my life seems to be bringing lately? I was there, Chad. They dropped me like a bad habit and haven’t looked back since—even after the millions of dollars I made them. No—this is happening. This is over.”

“Damn it, JR! I hate it when you say stupid shit like that! No one gives a fuck if you’re gay or— Why do I have to keep repeating myself? This doesn’t have to be over.”

“Just because you don’t see it….”

“Just because some dumbasses don’t see what good business you could be—even if they think you aren’t that good of a singer—doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t love to have you join their label. Don’t make any final decisions right now. Take some time off and pick up again when you’re rested. You have this talent, this voice that blows the roof off every building you’ve ever been in.”


“I’m not listening anymore.”

“And you still don’t get it.”

“What is there to get, Jackson?” Chad asked. “What I get is, as usual, you’re giving in to everyone else’s ghost but your own. You’re letting everyone else dictate your life and write your destiny.”

Whenever Chad used Jackson and not JR to address him, Jackson knew to brace for a fight. At one point in high school, they got into a knock-down, drag-out fistfight. They knocked over desks, banged into lockers, fell down a flight of stairs, and were still tangled around each other. The teachers tried prying them apart, and when that failed, they turned on the fire hose and doused them.

As he sat, preparing himself for what looked to be another hose-ending fight, he couldn’t even remember why they’d started brawling in the first place. It was pathetic how stupid the reason, for Jackson couldn’t remember it.

With the mood he was in, he did not feel like fighting, so giving up would be the only other option. Jackson moaned and rubbed his tired eyes.

“All I’m saying is, a man has a certain threshold to deal with certain things,” Jackson said softly. “Having his dreams—something he’s worked on all his life—tainted breaks him. I’m broken, Chad. That’s how I’m feeling right now—like someone ran a bulldozer over me. It’s not easy to get up after that. Call me a coward but—”

“You’re a coward,” Chad said.

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