Whiskers of a Chance

WhiskersofaChanceLGTitle: Whiskers of a Chance
Author: Tempeste O’Riley
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: September 30th 2015
Genre(s): M/M Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 204 pages
Reviewed by: Belen
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Jason Grant runs his own IT business from home, owns his own home, and has the best friend he could imagine. What he doesn’t have, or believe he will ever have, is love. When Jason catches a glimpse of his new neighbor on moving day, his libido ignites and his fascination in piqued. He even manages to concoct an excuse to go over and meet the man who makes him hope and want for more than he has in years.

Keith Skyler is a shifter in a world where his kind is known to only a few, but they don’t often mix and they never mate. Keith has been hoping for a mate since before he can remember, but gay lynx don’t have true mates. As far as he knows, they don’t have mates at all. However, while moving his little family across Seattle—and away from their tribe—his reality tips and spins more than he thought possible.

When these two men meet over a dish of five-cheese broccoli-noodle casserole, sparks fly. Who knew a welcome to the neighborhood gift could give both of them their chance at love?

When Keith Skyler, heir to the Lynx alpha, moves with his sister and her son across town to get away from their domineering and bigoted father he never expects that he’ll meet his mate. Keith has been fed a lot of misinformation from his father (and tribe) which has him believing a mate is an unattainable dream. Until he meets shy, stuttering, Jason and he knows at first scent he’s finally met the one who will complete his soul.

O’Riley creates a very interesting take on the whole paranormal shifters/vampires/humans universe which, for the most part, I enjoyed and, in places, she builds it wonderfully. What I didn’t enjoy was about 30% of the story could have been easily cut and would have streamlined the whole flow. I really didn’t like that the story is weighed down with the unnecessary duplication of scenes told from a slightly different perspective while there were at least three occasions when there were scenes only mentioned in passing I would have far preferred to read.


When Jason meets Keith’s sister, Taylor, and nephew, Zeke.

He did like hearing Keith claim him in front of Caleb, like he had when Jason had finally met Keith’s sister and nephew.

I would have liked to have read the scene when Jason was introduced to his mate’s family…but NADA. This throwaway line is all there was.


There seemed to be some hilarious moment when Keith’s friends walked in on Keith and Jason meeting Jason for the first time…

Jason wanted to join him, but after a quick check of the clock, he knew that wouldn’t be the best idea. He had no interest in having Keith’s friends walk in on them. Or rather, he had no desire for that to happen again. The first time had been horrible enough and they hadn’t even been naked then.
Trying to forget about when the three men had shown up the night before so Keith and he could get on the road with Van and Kelley, Jason pulled on a pair of jeans and went in search of the room-service menu as he listened to his lover sing in the shower.

…but I wouldn’t know, because I didn’t get to read it.


Keith is apparently attacked by members of his old tribe multiple times – but I only know about it because of another throwaway line…

“It’s the third time since Taylor announced to him that I was her alpha. That’s in addition to the attack on Jason before we left for the council meeting.”


I would have liked to have read the action…

I loved the communication between the characters, the camaraderie between Jason and his best friend, Sasha. The sexy times that were on page were really good.


All in all I enjoyed the story and I like that there’s enough breadcrumbs left to set up multiple sequels in the universe for other characters (Trace, Vance, Sasha). I definitely wouldn’t mind diving back in to read about what happens to them.

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